Pramac Lifter Stackers: Spare Parts Catalogues, Operator’s and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Pramac Lifter Stackers: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Pramac GX 12 / 25, GX 12 / 29, GX 12 / 35, GX 12 / 25 GEL, GX 12 / 29 GEL, GX 12 / 35 GEL Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 1.2Mb Download
Pramac GX Series GX10 / 09, GX10 / 16, GX10 / 20, GX10 / 09 GEL, GX10 / 16 GEL, GX 10 / 20 GEL Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 1.2Mb Download
Pramac GX10-09 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 619.3kb Download
Pramac GX10-20 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 617.6kb Download
Pramac GX10-25 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 711.9kb Download
Pramac GX12-29 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 712.6kb Download
Pramac Pramac LX14-45 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 2.8Mb Download
Pramac TX10-16 Spare Parts Catalogue [PDF] 331.9kb Download

Pramac Lifter GS Manuals PDF

One of the biggest producers of a wide variety of material handling equipment and warehouse equipment is the Italian business PRAMAC LIFTER, which produces warehouse floor equipment under the LIFTER logo.

Extensive expertise, skilled employees, an integrated manufacturing process, contemporary assembly lines, and ongoing model range updates for LIFTER warehouse equipment ensure excellent quality, a high degree of dependability, and safety.

Lifter, an Italian company member of the PRAMAC group, was established in 1966 to supply high-end equipment to the Italian market for handling equipment. This primary objective has now evolved into the brand’s guiding concept.

The material handling equipment from the Italian firm is supplied locally and virtually everywhere in the globe as a result of the successful consolidation with the PRAMAC group, of which Lifter is a member. Buyers of PRAMAC LIFTER warehouse equipment benefit from a high level of corporate support, starting with consultations at the initial stage of choosing and selecting warehouse equipment and ending with post-sales technical support, thanks to a developed sales network that includes more than 30 regional branches, numerous representative, dealer sales and service centers, and numerous dealer sales and service centers. In addition, PRAMAC works together with academic institutions of higher learning and commercial design organizations to identify new ideas.

The following product range is part of the ever-expanding PRAMAC LIFTER line of handling and warehousing equipment:

  • Technologically advanced Pramac I-TON hydraulic carts having a weight capacity of up to 1000 kg, manufactured of technopolymer material;
  • Traditional PRAMAC LIFTER hydraulic trolleys are available in the GS BASIC (up to 2200 kg), GS PRO (2500-3000 kg), GS PREMIUM, GS SPECIAL, and GS MISTER HYDRO modifications.
  • Hand pallet trucks from PRAMAC LIFTER with an integrated weighing system: Lifter GS/P25 and PX20 weight trucks with a 2- to 2.5-ton load capability;
  • PRAMAC LIFTER manual hydraulic stackers of the MX series have a load capacity of up to 1000 kg and a lifting height of up to 1600 mm. PRAMAC LIFTER high-lift hydraulic trolleys of the LIFTER HX10M and LIFTER HX10E series scissor lift trolleys have a load capacity of 1000 kg.

Pallet transporters and self-propelled electric trolleys PRAMAC LIFTER, available in a variety of variants and configurations:

  • Industrial pallet transporters LIFTER QX18, LIFTER QX20, and LIFTER QX20DL, self-propelled trucks with an operator platform LIFTER QX20P and LIFTER QX22, and small electric pallet trucks LIFTER X12 and LIFTER CX14.
  • Stackers with hydraulic lifts and electric forks PRAMAC LIFTER TX series, which has a lifting height of up to 3500 mm and a load capacity of up to 1200 kg, as well as LIFTER TX STADDLE series, which has sliding forks;

LIFTER GX compact electric stackers have a lifting height of up to 3500 mm and a load capacity of up to 1200 kg. LIFTER GX Straddle compact electric stackers have sliding forks. Pramac Lifter FX12 and Pramac Lifter LX12 self-propelled industrial stackers have a lifting height of up to 3500 mm and a load capacity of 1200 kg. Pramac Lifter LX14 high-lift electric self-propelled stackers have – PRAMAC LIFTER STRADDLE electric stackers with sliding forks, PRAMAC LIFTER INTELLEGENT LIFT self-propelled stackers with double fork lifting, and PRAMAC LIFTER LX16, with a lifting capability of 1600 kg and a lifting height of up to 3500 mm.

Pramac Lifter Manuals PDF

Pramac RX10 EVO

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