Sellick Forklift Service Manuals and Technical Specifications PDF

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Sellick Forklift S50/S60/S80/S100/S120/S150 owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Sellick S Series S60 / S80 / S100 / S120 / S150 Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 33.1Mb Download
Sellick S Series Technical Specifications [PDF] 879.3kb Download
Sellick S150 Rough Terrain Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 199.4kb Download
Sellick S162 SERIES Rough Terrain Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.8Mb Download
Sellick S60 / S80 / S100 / S120 Technical Specifications [PDF] 53.9kb Download
Sellick SLP SERIES Brochure [PDF] 1007.2kb Download
Sellick SLP SERIES Technical Specifications [PDF] 262.3kb Download
Sellick SLP-60 / S60 Technical Specifications [PDF] 92.9kb Download
Sellick SLP50 / SLP60 / SLP80 Technical Specifications [PDF] 184.2kb Download
Sellick STM Series STM55 / STM55p / STM55-4W / STM70 Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.2Mb Download
Sellick STT160 Technical Specifications [PDF] 217.3kb Download
Sellick STT80 SERIES Rough Terrain Tow Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 891.3kb Download
Sellick TMF55 Forklift Truck Electrical Section Parts Catalog [PDF] 660.8kb Download

Sellick Forklift Manuals PDF

With its S and SG-R series of vehicles, Sellick Equipment, a producer of off-road forklifts, employs Perkins Tier 2 normally aspirated diesel engines and gearboxes from International Transmissions, Ltd. (six models with a capacity from 2300 to 5500 kg). A semi-automatic powershifts gearbox with an electronic control unit and speed sensors are included in the new S-series to reduce the frequency of manual shifts and improve vibration isolation at the operator’s workstation. A Perkins 1000 series diesel engine is combined with a synchronized ITL gearbox, from which torque is delivered to ITL axles, to create the ITL transmission used by the SG-R series. Sellick outfits the forklift with a side-shift mast, various forks, hooks, swivel carriages, etc.

There are various models in the Sellick series of forklifts, but the following examples stand out:

Sellick S Series All Terrain Forklift

These versions are made to operate in steel mills, ports, quarries, mines, and the lumber industry. Forklifts can move through unlevel, rocky, and rainy terrain without losing speed or the caliber of their job. The best technological features are paired with the simplicity of use and superior freight handling.

All-wheel drive, a turbocharged diesel engine, and an automated transmission are standard on forklifts. A wet-cooled disc brake offers easy stopping power, while a limited-slip differential enhances float.

With these forklifts, the operator’s cab is separated from the carrier frame, shielding them from vibrations caused by the engine and wheel suspension.

Standard features include a frame leveling system and a tilt-adjustable steering column.

The Sellick S 160-4 forklift is a well-known member of the particular series. It is the heaviest heavyweight among Sellick devices, capable of lifting over seven tons. A vertical lift and other standard attachments are included. Like every member of this series, he works well under challenging conditions. The business developed this equipment due to the rising need for heavy-duty and all-terrain forklifts. The model’s distinguishing features include four identical tires, a complete permanent drive, adjustable axles, and a fully automated gearbox.

Sellick TMF-55

The operator’s station sits in the middle, offering a broad view and convenient access. This model combines strength, safety, and environmental friendliness like all of the manufacturer’s goods.

All Sellick forklifts, including this model, are low in emissions and noise regarding environmental friendliness.

Sellick forklifts come with side-shift masts, a two- or three-level support system, and various hooks and forks.

Other attachments can be added to the kit at the customer’s request.

Sellick Forklift Manuals PDF

Sellick S-Series

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