Sinoboom Lifts: Operation and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Sinoboom Lifts: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Sinoboom AB14EJ(AB460EJ) / AB16EJ(AB520EJ) [PDF] 628.3kb Download
Sinoboom AB15 (AB490) / AB15J (AB480J) [PDF] 630.6kb Download
Sinoboom AB18EJ&18HJ Maintenance Manual [PDF] 48.3kb Download
Sinoboom GTBZ-28 Operating Manual [PDF] 5.8Mb Download
Sinoboom GTBZ26, TB26, TB850, GTBZ28J, TB28J, TB910J Maintenance Manual [PDF] 12.2Mb Download
Sinoboom GTBZ26, TB26, TB850, GTBZ28J, TB28J, TB910J Operation Manual [PDF] 20.9Mb Download
Sinoboom GTBZ40 / 42 Parts Manual [PDF] 4.6Mb Download
Sinoboom GTJZ0407SE 1330SE Operation Manual [PDF] 4.1Mb Download
Sinoboom GTJZ0408S & GTJZ0608S Electrial Schematic [PDF] 64.6kb Download
Sinoboom GTJZ0408S & GTJZ0608S Operation Manual [PDF] 6.5Mb Download
Sinoboom GTJZ0408S &GTJZ0608S Hydraulic Schematic [PDF] 36.3kb Download
Sinoboom GTJZ0408SE, GTJZ0608SE, GTJZ0408ME, GTJZ0608ME, 1530SE, 1930SE, 1532ME, 1932ME Operation Manual [PDF] 20.3Mb Download
Sinoboom GTJZ0408SE, GTJZ1530SE, GTJZ0608SE, GTJZ1930SE, GTJZ0408ME, GTJZ1532ME, GTJZ0608ME, GTJZ1932ME Parts Manual [PDF] 25.4Mb Download
Sinoboom GTJZ1012 & GTJZ1212 Hydraulic Schematic [PDF] 38.1kb Download
Sinoboom GTJZ1412E, 4647E, GTJZ1414E, 4655E, GTJZ1412E PLUS, 4647E PLUS Operation Manual [PDF] 22.8Mb Download
Sinoboom GTTZ10EJ ML10EJ ML340EJ Operation Manual [PDF] 2.6Mb Download
Sinoboom GTTZ10EJ, ML10EJ, ML340EJ Maintenance Manual [PDF] 10.6Mb Download
Sinoboom GTTZ10EJ, ML10EJ, ML340EJ Operation Manual [PDF] 13.4Mb Download
Sinoboom GTZZ-18 Technical Offer [PDF] 734.2kb Download
Sinoboom GTZZ14EJ 16EJ Maintenance Manual [PDF] 10.2Mb Download
Sinoboom GTZZ14EJ, AB14EJ, AB460EJ, GTZZ16EJ, AB16EJ, AB520EJ Maintenance Manual [PDF] 10.2Mb Download
Sinoboom GTZZ14EJ [PDF] 347kb Download
Sinoboom GTZZ25J Technical Offer [PDF] 875.3kb Download
Sinoboom TB36 (TB1200) / TB38J (TB1260J) Engine Powered Telescopic Boom Lifts [PDF] 679.8kb Download
Sinoboom TB40(TB1290) / TB42RJ(TB1370RJ) [PDF] 684.8kb Download


SINOBOOM is a major producer of AWP (Aerial Work Platform) aerial work platforms that specialize in the research, development, production, marketing, and servicing of a variety of aerial work platforms.

SINOBOOM products include:

  •  self-propelled telescopic boom lifts,
  • self-propelled articulation lifts,
  • boom lifts,
  • Self-propelled scissor lifts,
  • Self-propelled spider boom lifts,
  • And truck-mounted lifts with a working height ranging from 4 to 44 meters.

These products are widely used at large industrial enterprises and mines in shipbuilding, construction, electric power, advertising, airports, and seaports.

On the global market for lifting construction equipment, SINOBOOM is a Chinese firm that is expanding quickly. The manufacturer specializes in the study, manufacturing, sale, and servicing of elevated work platforms.

SINOBOOM boasts one of the industry’s broadest product ranges and is regarded as a premium brand in the Chinese industrial business. Electric scissor lifts with operating heights ranging from 5.8 to 16 meters, and off-road diesel scissor lifts with heights up to 18 meters up to 18.2 m working height for articulating electric lifts. The firm provides a vast selection of telescopic lifts with heights ranging from 16 to 41,6 m.

Notable among articulated lifts is the ULTRA BOOM SINOBOOM AB 46 RJ, which, in terms of performance (working height 48.6 m, horizontal reach 25.5 m, and infinite load capacity 275 kg), outperforms all Chinese, European, and American peers.

All diesel machines are equipped with standard sandblasting pre-treatment, including rods and slewing gear protection, sealed control units, and a standard location for attaching a cyclone air filter. All lifts manufactured by the SINOBOOM brand have sophisticated security systems and intelligent assistants.

Sinoboom Lift Manuals PDF

Sinoboom GTZZ25J

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