TCM Forklifts: Parts Catalogues, Workshop and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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TCM Forklifts: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

TCM Front Loader Workshop and Maintenance Manuals PDF

Title File Size Download Links
TCM 4LB1PA-01, 4LB1TPA-01 Diesel Engine parts manual [PDF] 1.5Mb Download
TCM A-6BG1QC / TQC / QC02 / QCo3 / QC05 / QC05S / QC06 / QC07 / QC08 / QC09 diesel engine Parts Catalog [PDF] 4.7Mb Download
TCM C240PKJ, C240PKJ-06, C240PKJ-11, C240PKJ-12, C240PKJ-17, C240PKJ-20 diesel engine Parts Manual [PDF] 3.3Mb Download
TCM F-series Service Manual [PDF] 8.4Mb Download
TCM FB1O-8 / FB15-8 / FB18-8 / FB20-8 / FB25-8 / FB25-8LB / FB25-8v / FB30-8V / FB35-8S Forklift truck Service Manual [PDF] 11.9Mb Download
TCM FD20c3z FD20t3z FD25c3z FD25t3z (PF-2U0C) Forklift truck Diesel Powered Parts Catalog [PDF] 11.9Mb Download
TCM FD35C9, FD40C9, FD45C9, FD35T9-FD50T9 Forklift Truck Workshop Manual [PDF] 19.5Mb Download
TCM FD60 / FD70 / FD80 / FD100 diesel powered Pneumatic Tire Trucks [PDF] 15.2Mb Download
TCM FD60z8 FD70z8 FD80z8 FD100z8 (PF-30CF) Forklift truck Gas Diesel Powered Parts Catalog [PDF] 12.6Mb Download
TCM FG (FD) 30 (C,T,W) Forklift truck Gas Diesel Powered Parts Catalogue [PDF] 19.1Mb Download
TCM FG-, FHG-, FD-, FHD- Forklift Truck operations & Maintenance Manual [PDF] 7.4Mb Download
TCM FG35t9 FD35c9.t9 FG40t9 FD40c9,t9 FG45t9 FD45c9,t9 FG50t9 FD50t9 (PF-43AA) Forklift truck Gas Diesel Powered Parts Catalogue [PDF] 7.6Mb Download
TCM FR-7 Training Test [PDF] 5.9Mb Download
TCM H15RAT000 / H20RAT120 / H25RMT706 Parts Manual [PDF] 7.8Mb Download
TCM H15RMT000 / H20RAT110 / H25RMT705 Parts Catalogue [PDF] 7.8Mb Download
TCM H20RMT100 / H20RAT303 / H25RMT710 Parts Manual [PDF] 7.8Mb Download
TCM H20RMT101W / H20RAT306 / H25RAT200 Parts Manual [PDF] 7.8Mb Download
TCM H20RMT102 / H20RAT305 / H25RMT720 Parts Manual [PDF] 7.8Mb Download
TCM H20RMT303 / H20RAT310 / H25RAT204 Parts Manual [PDF] 7.8Mb Download
TCM TB45 Gasoline Engine Shop Manual [PDF] 4.3Mb Download

TCM Forklift Manuals PDF

Reliability and superior performance are hallmarks of TCM forklifts. The first models came off the manufacturing line in 1949. However, today’s inventory of warehouse tools includes TCM electric, gasoline, and diesel forklifts, as well as stackers with varying capacities for arranging items on racks. The company’s product line also offers extra attachments to increase the core equipment’s functionalities.

To be sure, forklifts are the foundation. There are now 170 of these models, which are conditionally divided into three categories:

Diesel, which is very well-liked. These are devices that can handle between 3.5 and 43 tons. This method can lift weights to a height of up to 7 meters, regardless of the force. The “giants” in this category can also lift rolls, barrels, bales, and sacks using grabs of various widths. Diesel vehicles are prized for their strength, efficiency, and ease of maintenance. This concept has found widespread usage in tiny warehouses, port facilities, and railroad terminals. FD denotes TCM diesel cars, which can transport 1.5 to 3.5 tons of gasoline. Both enclosed warehouses and public spaces employ them. Such forklift engines are built for a longer resource than diesel engines. The most recent versions include extra gas-balloon technology, which has allowed fuel costs to be decreased and carbon monoxide emissions to be kept to a minimum. The letters FG are used to identify gasoline vehicles.

1–3.5 tons of loading capacity for electric. This method is suitable for indoor usage because of its high environmental friendliness. The devices are capable of lifting things up to 6.8 meters in height despite their limited power. TCM designs with electric motors have the benefit of an operating time of 8.5 hours before requiring a recharge. The machines have multifunctional display that shows data about the system’s performance in order to consume less energy. This line is identified by the letters FB on TCM.

Benefits of TCM forklift

The long service life of TCM forklifts makes them valuable. The equipment’s manufacturer offers a warranty of up to five years or five thousand hours. One of this brand’s benefits was the avoidance of intricate electrical components, which reduced the cost of repairs and maintenance.

The most prevalent types in production are diesel-powered. They are prized for their excellent performance and quick fork rising and lowering. It is equal to 54 cm/s on the climb with a load on medium power units and 55 cm/s without a load. No of the model, the vehicles have a two-speed automatic gearbox, and the modes may be changed with a single touch of the accelerator. Forklifts that run on gas and gasoline also have the same gearbox fitted.


A forklift made of diesel that is explosion-proof and has a 3-ton load capacity. This type can lift objects up to a height of 3 meters, making it appropriate for usage in smaller warehouses. Standard forks are included with the delivery apparatus. For this type, appropriate attachments include a disk trencher, a fork with a pantograph, and a crane boom.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH, mm): 2705x1225x2090;
  •  Fork length, mm: 1070/1200;
  • Corridor, mm: 4150/4280;
  • Forward/Reverse Speed, km/h: 18.5/19;
  • Lifting Speed, mm/s: 450/460;
  • Clearance, cm: 14.5;
  • Slope, %/°: 18/10.2.


This style is utilized for short-distance palletized freight transportation. Despite having a lifting height of only 3 meters, it can support loads of up to 3500 kg. Only power separates the FD35T3S from the FD30T3Z. Despite its larger size, this machine can only be utilized in spaces with level floors since even little abnormalities can make them unstable.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH, mm): 2800x1290x2140;
  • Fork length, mm: 1070x150x50;
  • Corridor width, mm: 4235;
  • Forward/Reverse Speed, km/h: 19/19.5;
  • Lifting Speed, mm/s: 460/490;
  • Clearance, cm: 12.5;
  • Slope, %: 18.


Forklift with a three-ton maximum load capacity and a gasoline engine. Despite being small, it can lift loads that are up to 7 meters high. It has typical forks made for carrying containers (pallets). You may also put up a briquette capture system. This petrol “baby” has exceptional speeds for raising and lowering the forks, in contrast to popular diesel variants. Narrow ground clearance is one of its flaws, making it difficult to operate the forklift on building sites. It is challenging for him to compete, nevertheless, in overcoming the prejudices.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH, mm): 2245x1070x2070;
  • fork length (mm), 920;
  • corridor width (mm), 3495;
  • forward/reverse Speed, 19/19;
  • lifting Speed, 620/660;
  • clearance, 10.5 cm;
  • slope, 31%.

TCM FB30-8

Although it is not the most potent piece of Japanese machinery, the electric forklift that is most frequently seen in warehouses is. Its lifting height remains the same at 3 meters, but it is intended to support a maximum weight of 3 tons. If not for the electric motor, based on the dimensions, this model’s power may be higher. A roll gripper and a cardboard gripper are additional options to the usual forks. This specific kind of TCM electric forklift is said to be the most efficient and small, making it useful in confined locations, such as the hold of a ship.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH, mm): 2510x1225x2075;
  • fork length, in mm, 1070;
  • Speed, in km/h: 14/15;
  • lifting Speed, in mm/s: 290/490;
  • ground clearance, in cm: 9;
  • slope, in percent: 6.
TCM Forklift Manuals PDF


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