Tovel Telehandler Forklift Technical Manuals and Specifications PDF

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Tovel Telehandler Forklift owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Tovel Forklift Model Explanation [PDF] 3.2kb Download
Tovel Telescopic Series Model TL 16-44-34 Technical Specifications [PDF] 634.2kb Download
Tovel TL 20-22-25 Load Chart [PDF] 80kb Download
Tovel TL 20-22-25 Technical Specifications [PDF] 122kb Download
Tovel TS644 / TS844 Technical Specifications [PDF] 913.1kb Download
Tovel Vertical Rough-terrain Forklifts [PDF] 3.4kb Download

Tovel is a Canadian telehandler manufacturer that builds high-quality machines for industrial use. Tovel models include compact and powerful telehandlers that can lift and move heavy loads in various industries, including construction, mining, and agriculture.

Tovel manufactures several telehandlers, including the TF, T, TS, and TD series. They all differ in power, load capacity, and lifting height to meet different requirements and tasks. For example, the TF55 model has a lifting capacity of up to 5.5 tons and a lifting height of up to 10.5 meters, while the TD160 model can lift loads of up to 16 tons to 10 meters.

Tovel telescopic handlers also have many features, such as variable speeds, stabilization systems, overload protection mechanisms, and hydraulic systems that provide precise and safe loader control. In addition, some models are equipped with various accessories such as pallet forks, buckets for moving soil and materials, and trolleys for moving goods.

Tovel also adheres to high quality and safety standards in manufacturing its machines. They are ISO 9001 and CE certified and meet the health and safety standards in the workplace. In addition, all Tovel telehandlers have a 1-year warranty and full technical support from the manufacturer.

Tovel manufactures several series of telehandlers, which differ in power, load capacity, and lifting height. Let’s look at each series in more detail:

  • TF Series: The TF series is a compact telehandler with a small footprint and high maneuverability. They are equipped with caterpillar tracks to move over uneven ground. The TF55 model has a lifting capacity of up to 5.5 tons and a lifting height of up to 10.5 meters, while the TF80 model can lift loads of up to 8 tons to a height of 16 meters.
  • T Series: The T Series includes more powerful and versatile telehandlers. They can be used for lifting and moving loads in various industries, including construction, logging, mining, etc. The T245 has a lifting capacity of up to 24.5 tons and a lifting height of up to 10.5 meters, while the T360 can lift loads of up to 36 tons to 9 meters.
  • TS Series: The TS Series is a high-capacity telescopic handler that can handle heavy loads at high altitudes. They can be used in construction, mining, logging, and other industries. The TS330 model has a lifting capacity of up to 33 tons and a lifting height of up to 16 meters, while the TS430 model can lift loads of up to 43 tons to 12 meters.
  • TD Series: The TD series includes telehandlers that lift heavy loads to low heights. They can be used in various industries, including agriculture, warehouses, and manufacturing. The TD110 model has a lifting capacity of up to 11 tons and a lifting height of up to 8 meters.

All models of Tovel telehandlers have an operator’s cab with excellent visibility and a wide working platform for operator comfort. In addition, Tovel loaders are equipped with safety systems, including automatic engine shutdown in case of overload, stability control system, and others.

Technologies used in the production of Tovel, such as electronic hydraulics and electronic engine control, save fuel and reduce emissions of harmful substances into the environment.

Tovel also offers various options and accessories, such as forks of various sizes and shapes, buckets for soil, forestry, and snow, carts for transporting goods, etc. This allows you to customize the telehandler for specific tasks and working conditions.

Overall, Tovel telehandlers are reliable and versatile machines that can be used in various industries and construction.

Tovel telescopic handler manuals PDF

Tovel telescopic handler manuals typically include the following sections:

  1. General instructions. This section describes the purpose of the loader, its main components, and its features of operation. It also specifies the operator’s requirements, duties, and responsibilities.
  2. Specifications. This section indicates the main technical parameters of the loader, such as load capacity, lifting height, maximum speed, etc. Also, the parameters of fuel, oil, and other liquids necessary for the forklift operation can be indicated here.
  3. Loader management. This section describes how to operate the loader properly, including how to drive, raise and lower the load, change the length of the boom, etc. It also contains safety rules for operating a forklift.
  4. Maintenance. This section describes properly maintaining the forklift, including checking and changing oils, filters, brake pads, etc. It also contains recommendations for regularly reviewing the condition of the loader.
  5. Storage and transportation. This section describes how to properly store and transport the forklift, including stowage and trailering, and how to keep the forklift in good working order when not in use.
  6. Special operating conditions. This section specifies the special requirements under which the loader cannot be used, such as steep slopes, muddy surfaces, etc.

To avoid misuse and damage to the machine, the operator must read the operating instructions for Tovel telescopic handlers before operating the loader.

Tovel Forklift Manuals PDF

Tovel TS 44 Super Lift Series

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