Chery Forklifts Service, Repair and Operator’s Manuals PDF

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Chery Forklifts owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Chery FB10 / FB15 / FB20 / FB25 / FB30 Counterbalanced Battery Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 724.2kb Download
Chery FD15-35 Forklifts Technical Specifications [PDF] 203.6kb Download
Chery Forklifts Technical Specifications [PDF] 65.6kb Download

Chery Forklifts Technical Manuals PDF

A three billion yuan authorized capital and formal establishment date of 2010 mark the beginning of this enterprise. Wuhu, Taizhou, Nanlin, and Kaifeng are just some cities home to its manufacturing facilities. The Wuhu headquarters has been allotted more than 3,500 square meters of space. The company’s headquarters are in Beijing, where you’ll also find the research institute and foreign relations department.

After 12 years of growth, Chery Heavy Industry is now a significant player in China’s engineering sector. The company manufactures a wide range of machines and specialized tools:

  • Heavy industrial vehicles;
  • construction;
  • road;
  • logistics;
  • logistical machinery and equipment;
  • accessories and replacement parts;
  •  agricultural special equipment combines;
  • micro tractors and equipment for farmers, owners of private plots;

The firm invests heavily in its R&D and routinely incorporates cutting-edge new parts and systems into its manufacturing processes. As a result, nearly a hundred patents have been filed in recent years. In addition, executives are planning to produce models that are the product of the combined efforts of the firm’s engineers and scientists.


The company manufactures nine distinct varieties of specialized machinery for storage facilities, transportation hubs, and commercial and industrial establishments. There are almost 300 different types available from the company, with capacities ranging from 500 kilograms to 16 tons.


The Chery forklift plant is located in Wuhu, the capital city of Anhui province. Facilities and manufacturing facilities are spread over 50 acres. Additionally, 40,000 forklifts are manufactured annually. Manufacturers of both medium- and heavy-duty types are available to consumers.

The dimensions, weight, and load capacity of the Chery FD15-FD100 diesel forklifts range from 1,500 kg to 10,000 kg. The XINCHANG490BPG and NB485BPG engines are put on specialized machinery because of their efficiency and low fuel consumption. From 16 kW to 83 kW, their output is relatively flexible. You may go between 13 and 26 kilometers per hour with a load. A raised angle of up to 20% is permitted when handling weights.

Forklift capacities range from 1,600 kilograms to three tons on the Chery FE10-FE25 electric forklift series. Whenever you have a burden on your back, you may go at speeds of up to 13 kilometers per hour. High performance is ensured by electric motors ranging in output from 8 to 37 kW, and the more significant battery life means you can go longer between charges. As a result, both environmentally friendly and completely quiet Machines are in high demand in areas where both factors are particularly salient.

Except one model has a turning radius of just 2–3.5 meters, making it ideal for tight quarters.

Chery Forklifts Service Repair Manuals PDF

Chery FD15-35


The firm also manufactures warehousing equipment, such as small loading and unloading devices:

  • High-rack reach trucks with foldable masts. Pallet carriers with varying load capacities, trolleys;
  • Container stackers;
  • Mobile tractors for use within warehouses, trade floors, and workshops;
  • and vehicles with forklift and stacker capabilities combined.

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