Dalian Forklift Service, Operator’s and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Dalian Forklift owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Dalian CPCD 30 / CPQD 30 / CPCD 35 Forklift Spare Parts Catalog [PDF] 4.6Mb Download
Dalian CPCD10 / CPCD15 / CPCD18 / CPQD18 Spare Parts Catalog [PDF] 4.1Mb Download
Dalian CPCD20 / CPCD25 / CPQD20 / CPQD25 Forklift Spare Parts Catalog [PDF] 5Mb Download
Dalian CPQD / CPCD 10-15-2025-30 Technical Specifications Sheet [PDF] 467.7kb Download
Dalian CRS450Z5 (Z-CCZ5, Z-DCZ5) Operation and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 3.5Mb Download

Dalian Forklift Manuals PDF

Dalian Forklift, established in 1946, is one of China’s most prestigious forklift and loader producers today. Certificates of conformity to international standards attest to the fact that the company’s output is of the highest quality.

Different variants, including diesel and electric ones, are available, each with its design, performance, and utility-related quirks. The machinery is organized into 30 series, each corresponding to a specific combination of motor type and load.

The following salient characteristics distinguish this brand’s loader apparatus:

  • The most recent controller technology is used in electric models and state-of-the-art automatic transmissions in diesel versions. This makes changing gears quickly and effortlessly possible.
  • Devices that show the current status of unique machinery.
  • A mast that was meticulously planned and constructed to provide the pilot with a complete spherical perspective.
  • The unloading height may be adjusted by swapping out the mast at the customer’s request, and there is also the option of installing a protective screen for the operator.
  • Relax in the warm and customizable interior with a heater and safety belt. The operator’s cabin for high-output variants is permanently sealed for safety reasons.
  • A large variety of mounting accessories make the method practically ubiquitous. For example, a Dalian forklift may now be purchased with a crane boom, a bucket, rotating forks, etc.

Dalian Forklifts Capacity Classification

The production’s gear may be broken down into the following groups according to their load capacities:

  1. Machines that can handle weights between one and three tons are considered minor.
  2. To move loads between 4 and 10 tons, go for a medium-sized model.
  3. The third category consists of heavy loaders carrying weights of 10-16 tons.

Electric models are often in the small to medium range and hence is not suited to handling substantial loads.

So, look closely at one of the most well-known models in each category.

Mini light loader CPCD15 CB/FB

The versatile equipment is in great demand since it is simple to use and is powered by a diesel engine. Its low emissions and fuel efficiency make it useful in outdoor settings and huge interior storage facilities. The CPCD15 CB/FB stands out for its versatility, ease with which it can be used and maintained, and ability to carry out its duties regardless of the weather.

Features of the Model:

  • Up to 1.5 tons of cargo may be carried.
  • Height of lift: 2.7-6 m.
  • Power comes from a 2600 kW diesel XINCHANG NC485BPG-1 engine.
  • The gearbox is fully automatic.
  • One might expect to go at a rate of 14.5/19 kilometers per hour (with and without load, respectively).
  • There’s a 20-degree load-bearing limit on the maximum ascent angle.
  • There may be up to 52 liters of gas in the tank.

Electric Medium-Duty Truck CPD25 CA

A crucial medium-duty version that may greatly ease product loading and unloading in any storage facility. It has a lot of uses since it combines great mobility with stability in the best possible way. Moreover, because of its strong electric motor and inability to emit toxic gases, this machine may be safely employed in confined areas.

Features of the Model:

  • The maximum allowable weight is 2.5 tons.
  • The furthest height that may be raised is 3 meters.
  • The whole mass is 4.1 metric tons.
  • The average rate of load ascent is 31 centimeters per second.
  • It can go at 13 kilometers per hour when empty.
  • Easily understandable settings and buttons.
  • This vehicle has an ergonomically designed interior that is both comfortable and relaxing.
  • Specifically, the length of the fork is 1 meter.
  • 1.45 meters is the wheelbase length.

Powerful loader CPCD90 A/F

Large businesses and warehouses that handle a lot of goods will find the machine to be an invaluable helpmate. It can keep working for a whole shift without showing any signs of overheating and is distinguished by outstanding performance and long service life. In addition, the method requires nothing in the way of upkeep and is straightforward.

Features of the Model:

  • The utmost weight it can carry is 9 tons.
  • There should be a maximum lifting height of between three and six meters.
  • There is a 39/41 cm/sec lifting speed (with and without cargo, respectively).
  • When fully laden, the furthest degree of lifting is 25%.
  • As for the fuel tank, it can hold up to 140 liters.
  • 92 kW, diesel-powered YUCHAJ YC6B125 engine mated to a fully automated gearbox.
  • 11.9 tons is the total weight.
Dalian Forklift Service Manuals PDF

Dalian CPCD60AD

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