Dressta Bulldozers: Workshop, Repair and Operator’s Manuals PDF

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Dressta Bulldozers: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Dressta 515C-520C Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 4.9Mb Download
Dressta 534E Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 9.4Mb Download
Dressta 560C Wheel Loader Service Manual [PDF] 12.7Mb Download
Dressta 560E Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 8.6Mb Download
Dressta 9.50M Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 13.1Mb Download
Dressta TD-14M Dozer Service Manual [PDF] 14.7Mb Download
Dressta TD-15M EXTRA STD Technical Specifications [PDF] 568.5kb Download
Dressta TD-20M Dozer Service Manual [PDF] 22.4Mb Download
Dressta TD-25M Dozer Service Manual [PDF] 14.4Mb Download
Dressta TD-25M Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 14.4Mb Download
Dressta TD-40E Extra Transmission Service Manual [PDF] 13.1Mb Download
Dressta TD-40E Extra Walk Around Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
Dressta TD15H Operator’s Manual [PDF] 908.7kb Download

Dressta Bulldozer Manuals PDF

Dressta construction machinery is made in the Huta Stalowa Wola factory in Poland.

The Huta Stalowa Wola equipment business started aggressively seeking a partner to commence the manufacturing of crawler bulldozers on its grounds in the early 1970s. Production of tracked bulldozers, front loaders, and wheel loaders began in 1973 when a licensing deal was reached with the American firm International Harvester.

Dresser, Inc. purchases the construction machines section of International Harvester in the early 1980s (USA). Since then, Dresser has been the brand name for Huta Stalowa Wola’s crawler bulldozers and loaders. The partnership between Dresser and Stolowa Wola was officially established in 1995.

Simultaneously, Dresser and Komatsu established a partnership called Komatsu Dresser. Dresser plans to sell its share of the association to Komatsu by 1996. After that, Komatsu America International got to work. As a result, Komatsu America International and Huta Stalowa Wola have formed a partnership to operate Dressta.

A 1999 rebranding from Dresser to Dressta kept the machines’ functionality and their components’ originality and quality the same. There have been no modifications to the sales policy or car-selling firm. Dressta has been distributing branded goods reliably for over a decade. Stalowa Wola is home to the company’s main offices and administrative hub.

More than 20,000 L-34 wheel loaders and 13,000 crawler bulldozers were manufactured at Huta Stalowa Wola between 1973 and 2003. In addition, over 1,800 International Harvester-Dressers were manufactured under license between 1992 and 2003. (1,300 units sold in the USA).

Not able to avoid the economic downturn of 2008-2009, the Polish firm was acquired by the Chinese conglomerate LiuGong.

There are currently nine main models of crawler bulldozers offered by Dressta Co. Ltd., each with a power output ranging from 74 to 520 horsepower; seven models of wheel loaders, each with a power output ranging from 103 to 415 horsepower; one model of a crawler loader; three models of pipelayers, each with a lifting capacity ranging from 33.3 to 100 tons; two compactors; and three models of crawler bulldozers.

Dressta offers a wide range of options regarding their dozers, including different types of crawler tractors and those with longer tracks (suitable for work on soft and waterlogged soils).

Dressta bulldozers have either Cummins or Komatsu power plants, depending on the model. The machines use a modular driving system, which allows for the replacement of individual units as needed without requiring the removal of any other components or assemblies. The alignment and precision of installing spline connectors between transmission units are not critical.

A six-position blade is standard on the smallest Dressta-class dozers, while subsequent sizes have a straight, swivel, spherical, or semi-spherical edges. Additionally, loosening equipment may be added to bulldozers, with the most powerful machines having as little as one loosening tooth and the lightest vehicles having as many as five. The most incredible depth of loosening is 1.7 m.

Dressta Bulldozers manuals PDF

Dressta TD-15R

The cabs of Dressta bulldozers are shaped like 4- or 6-sided pyramids. The interior design and the standard and additional features and safety features meet or exceed all applicable international standards.

The United States, South America, Southeast Asia, Central, and Western Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Middle East are the primary sales areas for equipment with the STALOWA WOLA or DRESSTA brand names.

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