HanseLifter Forklift Technical, Operator’s and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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HanseLifter Forklift: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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HanseLifter E-1020BF apilador [PDF] 97.3kb Download
HanseLifter HLDS Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
HanseLifter Lift Trucks Catalogue [PDF] 9.3Mb Download
HanseLifter SDJ Series SDJ1012 / SDJ1016 / SDJ1016-800 / SDJ1025 / SDJ1030 / SDJ1516 / SDJ1016BS / SDJ1016-BS-02 Operating Instruction [PDF] 10.3Mb Download
HanseLifter SDJ Series SDJ1012 / SDJ1016 / SDJ1025 / SDJ1030 / SDJ1012-01 / SDJ1016-01 / SDJ1025-01 / SDJ1030-01 Manual [PDF] 12.5Mb Download

HanseLifter Forklift Manuals PDF

Gesutra GmbH, a German corporation, manufactures loaders and conveyors under the HANSELIFTER name.

Forklifts, pallet trucks (both manual and powered), high-lift stackers (both electric and hydraulic), electric and diesel forklifts, reach trucks, platform trucks (both with and without lift tables), and fixed lift tables are all part of the HANSELIFTER product line. Hans Lifter is a German company that makes garbage compactors and sweepers.

These loaders are all part of this brand’s lineup.

Electric forklifts by HanseLifter

The designation “E” in the HLE designation denotes that these automobiles are electric.

  • 3-wheeled. HL3ES13 is the model number, with the “3” denoting the total number of wheels (or, more correctly, pairs of wheels; technically speaking, these models have three supports, each of which consists of 2 wheels); the combination “S13” specifies the maximum weight the unit can sustain (in this case, it is 1,300 kg)
  • 4-wheeled. The markings are the same as the last one, without the 3. Without it, standard four supports are assumed to be present (however, they are not quite standard since they also have two wheels in one support).

Traction batteries with a voltage of 48V for this class of loaders and a capacity of 500 to 750 Ah are utilized as the primary power source in electric forklifts of this class.

Functioning domain. Hanselifter machines, like other electric forklift trucks, are best employed in enclosed warehouses and places with stricter environmental regulations.

Hanselifter electric forklifts come with a variety of features. 3-wheel versions are built for a lighter load. Therefore, a 3-support option should suffice if the warehouse has no intention of unloading freight heavier than 2 tonnes. In addition, this loader type provides the highest levels of movement, which may be very useful in large warehouses.

Compared to their three-wheeled competitors, Hanselifter four-wheel loaders can lift a greater weight. In addition, there are self-propelled machines available, with a load capacity of 2.5-5 tonnes and four sets of wheels. The option’s exceptional stability is an additional benefit.

Subtle yet crucial information. A traction battery is a vital component of any electric forklift. And if you look at the specs for Hanselifter 4-wheel electric forklifts, you’ll see that the machines with a load capacity of up to 4 tonnes use 600 Ah batteries.

Is there any impact on the decision to purchase a Hanselifter electric forklift due to this? Budgeting wisely. Having spent the same money, the owner of a more powerful loader wins in the performance coefficient since the battery costs a fairly reasonable amount, which over time will need to be reinvested in its replenishment.

Diesel forklifts from Hanselifter

With a lifting capability of 1 to 5 tonnes and 5 to 10 tonnes, Hanselifter diesel forklifts are available with 4 or 6 pairs of wheels. Also, trucks with six wheels are all-wheel drive.

LPG forklifts manufactured by Hanselifter

For those who choose not to use diesel, gas-powered Hanselifter loaders can be ordered in a layout that is functionally identical to diesel versions. The exception is the 6-wheel kind, whose load range is constrained to 5-7 tonnes in this iteration.

HanseLifter Forklift Manuals PDF

HanseLifter HL3ES 1345 TH-S

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