HIAB Moffett / Princeton PIGGYBACK Operator and Technical Manuals PDF

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HIAB Moffett / Princeton PIGGYBACK: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
PIGGYBACK PB50 Technical Specifications [PDF] 995.8kb Download
PIGGYBACK PB50 / PB65 Operator Manual [PDF] 2.5Mb Download
Princeton Operator Manual [PDF] 8.7Mb Download
Princeton PIGGYBACK Mounting Installation Instruction Manual [PDF] 2.9Mb Download
HIAB MOFFETT E-Series Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.3Mb Download
HIAB MOFFETT M10 Truck-Mounted forklifts Technical Specifications [PDF] 525.1kb Download
HIAB MOFFETT M2 Technical Specifications [PDF] 501.8kb Download
HIAB MOFFETT M4 NX Technical Specifications [PDF] 633.6kb Download
HIAB MOFFETT M5 Truck-Mounted forklifts Technical Specifications [PDF] 498.8kb Download
HIAB MOFFETT M8 55.3P Technical Manual [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
HIAB MOFFETT M8 Truck-Mounted forklifts Technical Specifications [PDF] 491.6kb Download
HIAB MOFFETT M9 Truck-Mounted forklifts Technical Specifications [PDF] 530.3kb Download
HIAB MOFFETT Truck-Mounted forklift Operator Manual [PDF] 9.9Mb Download
HIAB MOFFETT Truck-Mounted forklifts Technical Manual [PDF] 525.1kb Download
Moffett Forklift Service Manual – Hydraulic System [PDF] 1.7Mb Download

Moffett Forklift Service Manual

Most mobile forklifts have a dedicated spot on the back of the truck or the platform, making removal quick and painless. The items will be in the proper condition to be shipped to their final destination. Mobile forklift trucks may access previously inaccessible areas because they are more maneuverable and much lighter than traditional industrial forklift trucks.

The HIAB Moffett Attachment Loader is a forklift on three wheels without a counterweight. However, its unconventional layout means it can be secured to the overhanging back of a truck or trailer for easy transport.

The HIAB Moffett can raise far more weight than a regular forklift, although it lacks a counterbalance.

The load is moved inside the loader’s frame, which protects both the cargo and the loader from damage.

An Irish team of specialists, engineers, and developers ensures the MOFFETT forklift trucks’ exceptional dependability. Any MOFFETT product may be quickly and installed on the rear of a vehicle or trailer. There are variants available with a maximum payload of 3.5 tonnes.


The MOFFETT E5 NX, the third model in Hiab’s eSeries of fully electric forklifts, was recently introduced. The E2, the E4 NX (coming out in 2020), and the E5 NX (coming out in 2022) are now available electric vehicles. The electric forklift can carry weights up to 2500 kg in weight, making it ideal for moving heavy or bulky items. In addition, the electric forklift’s mast can be adjusted, making it the first of its kind.

The third iteration of the all-wheel-drive E5 in the eSeries features a 4-way steering wheel that enhances agility to a new level thanks to the fact that all four wheels may be turned by 90 degrees. The MOFFETT E5 NX can travel forward, backward, left, and right, making it ideal for narrow aisle warehouse operations and the safe and efficient transportation of products across uneven terrain, on construction sites, and within warehouses. The Lift Assist feature allows for complete unidirectional unloading by virtue of its control over the telescoping pole. In addition, the E5 may be driven on city streets and in rural regions because of its silent, pollution-free running.

The loader’s performance and the need for maintenance are both displayed on the MOFFETT HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen, which is included in the package. In addition, the loader’s location, productivity, and other key metrics are tracked remotely thanks to the HiConnect Hiab service, to which the E5 NX immediately connects.

HIAB Moffett Manuals PDF

Moffett M9

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