Hoist Forklift Service Manuals, Specification Sheet and Brochures PDF

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Hoist Forklift owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Hoist FKS Series F230-24 / F350-24 Specification Sheet [PDF] 238.6kb Download
Hoist FR SERIES FR 15 / 25 / 25 / 35 / 40 / 60 / 60 / 80 Specification Sheet [PDF] 316.9kb Download
Hoist HRS Series 45-24 / 45-31 / 45-33 / 45-35 / 45-40 Specification Sheet [PDF] 1.8Mb Download
Hoist Neptune Brochure Technical Manual [PDF] 706.2kb Download
Hoist P Series Brochure Technical Manual [PDF] 840.9kb Download

Hoist Forklift Manuals PDF

Warehouse trucks powered by diesel engines and electric motors are a specialty of the American firm HOIST. Forklifts manufactured by HOIST come in various forms, including diesel-wheeled forklifts, stackers, electric carts, and more. This company’s high-performance, industrial-grade machinery is often deployed inside secure storage facilities. As a result, there is a consistently high level of dependability and minimal running costs across all machines.

In 1980, Chicago saw the launch of the first Hoist-Liftruck service. Marty Flaska started his business at that time, offering his expertise in buying, selling, and leasing warehouse machinery. The firm doubled in size within a decade, and in 1994 it obtained the legal authority to manufacture loaders. The firm has quickly grown to become a leading provider of loaders for many sectors. The business relocated to Illinois in 1998 and is still there to this day, continually adding to its output.

To load and carry scooters, boats, and motor yachts in marinas, Hoist Liftruck Mfg., Inc. recently announced that it would be updating its Neptune series forklifts. Company reps also noted that the forks and grippers’ drop would be significantly steeper than the base’s (up to 7 meters). As a result, boats may be safely lifted and lowered from any berth, allowing for the completion of necessary maintenance. Therefore, the modernized loader makes it possible to haul boats out of the water and relocate them to a desired location on land with minimal effort. The manufacturer further stated that the boat could be lifted to a height of 23 m and then placed on a rack.

Hoist Liftruck Mfg., Inc. currently provides a vast catalog of goods suitable for usage in warehouses. E, F, FEX, FKE, FSE, and R series forklift wheel loaders are all available. Electric stackers and carts are also available. The firm invests much in high-quality warehouse equipment to guarantee its products’ security and reliability. Company forklifts of recent generations include cutting-edge controls. A joystick controls the diagnostic system, the security system prevents unwanted entry, and the liquid crystal display details all equipment statuses and faults.

Hoist Forklift Service Manuals PDF


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