Hubtex Sideloader Manuals and Technical Specifications PDF

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Hubtex Sideloader owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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HUBTEX BasiX Electric Multidirectional Sideloader Specification Sheet [PDF] 455.7kb Download
HUBTEX EASY Electric Multidirectional Sideloader Specification Sheet [PDF] 227.3kb Download
Hubtex Electric Multi Directional Sideloaders. Specification Sheet [PDF] 3Mb Download
HUBTEX FluX Counterbalance Forklift Specification Sheet [PDF] 1Mb Download
HUBTEX MaxX Electric Multidirectional Sideloader Specification Sheet [PDF] 558.1kb Download
HUBTEX Phoenix Electric Multidirectional Sideloader [PDF] 878.9kb Download

Hubtex Service Manual PDF

One of the well-known industry pioneers in creating specialist equipment that enables the most practical loading and unloading procedures under non-standard circumstances is the German firm HUBTEX.

The company’s primary business is the creation and selling of Equipment for huge loads, massive goods, and side loaders are examples of specialist warehouse equipment.

Side loaders manufactured by Hubtex

Several subcategories of the relevant machines are used to represent this category of Hubtex material handling equipment.

Multiway side loader by Hubtex

Traction batteries serve as the primary source of traction energy for such an electric loading system. The battery in a loader will be made for a range of voltages, from 48 to 80V, depending on the loader type.

Such Hubtex side loaders have a load capacity that ranges from 1.5 to 20 tons, up to 12.5 m in height for lifting.

Hubtex series 37xx side loader

Models that may operate primarily on diesel fuel, gas, or battery electricity represent these loaders. These Hubtex side loaders have a load capacity of 3 to 6 tons. Up to 9m in height for lifting.

The loader’s mast extension mechanism is constructed such that it is operated using crossed cylinders. This results in the following: Device shifting is fluid, and load movement is gentle.

Regarding the mast itself, it might be shown as a second, third, or pivot frame. Again, there is the option of employing a variety of accessories.

There are two operational modes for the hydrostatic drive:

  • acceleration;
  • braking.

Due to the driving mechanism being at the back of the loader, there are two significant advantages: sound insulation and ideal weight distribution on the rear axle.

The best-designed cabin. The following characteristics should be emphasized:

  • Paddle levers are used to manage every aspect of hydraulics conveniently;
  • low cab vibration, a seat with a spring foundation that may be changed repeatedly, and sufficient room;

Usage in priority. These Hubtex equipment pieces are all perfect for handling lengthy loads, huge pallets, cable drums, and other circular materials in addition to sheet materials (steel, chipboard). A small aisle is a plenty for Hubtex side loaders to operate comfortably. Both indoors and outside, in free-moving environments, they function just as effectively.

Multipurpose forklift DQ 45 for HUBTEX

The multiway forklift HUBTEX DQ 45, which has a load capacity of 4500 kg, is used to reload and transport long and bulky goods (such as stone, half-beams (carts), logs, and glued beams), and in this regard, it is a variation of the side loader. However, each wheel of these forklift trucks has a separate drive, allowing them to move in mutually perpendicular directions without turning the body. Since they feature a traditional frame-type mast that extends horizontally, four-way forklift trucks and four-way reach trucks essentially share the same structure and functions.

Hubtex Sideloader Manuals PDF

Hubtex DQ45-D

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