Ingersoll Rand Forklift Service, Operator and Parts Manuals PDF

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Ingersoll Rand Forklift owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Ingersoll Rand Rough Terrain Forklift RT-707H / 708H Parts Manual [PDF] 26.1kb Download
Ingersoll Rand VR-90B Telehandler Variable Reach Forklift Parts Manual [PDF] 11.9Mb Download
Ingersoll Rand VR1056D Service Manual [PDF] 39.3kb Download
Ingersoll Telescopic Material Handler VR-636B Parts Manual [PDF] 24.5kb Download
Ingersoll Telescopic Material Handler VR-642B Parts Manual [PDF] 9.1Mb Download
Ingersoll Telescopic Material Handler VR522 / 524 Parts Manual [PDF] 23.9kb Download
Ingersoll-Rand Telehandler Service Manual [PDF] 933.1kb Download

Ingersoll Rand Forklift Manuals PDF

Ingersoll-Rand Company is an American multi-brand road construction equipment manufacturer founded in 1871. The company’s headquarters is located in Edison, New Jersey, USA.

Ingersoll-Rand is a global provider of products, services, and end-to-end solutions to industries such as:

  • telehandlers;
  • manufacturing industry;
  • construction;
  • Agriculture.

Examples include refrigeration equipment, biometric security systems, air compressors, construction machinery, etc.

Mining equipment and construction equipment (mobile diesel generators and compressors) are the core brands of Ingersoll-Rand.

Ingersoll Rand VR-1056C/D

When it was made, the Ingersoll Rand VR-1056C was the company’s largest mass-produced automobile. Known also by their model number, VR-1056D forklifts provide:

  • enhanced sight for the driver,
  • more secure transport options, and
  • higher maximum lift height.

Easy maintenance and full safety for the operator are hallmarks of the VR-1056’s telescopic boom, which comprises four separate sections and is contained entirely inside the boom itself. The maximum load for an Ingersoll Rand VR-1056 is 10,000 pounds, and it can rise 56 feet in the air.

Anybody in the market for a vehicle, whether for personal or professional use, that can reach extreme heights and carry heavy loads should check into the VR-1056. The Ingersoll Rand 1056 is a top-tier material handling equipment with some of the most advanced capabilities available for its users.

Ingersoll Rand RT708G

The Ingersoll Rand RT708G was first released in the late 1990s, and it remained in production until 2008 when the firm was acquired.

Regarding Ingersoll Rand’s straight mast forklifts, the RT708G was among the best models.

The diesel-powered machines could move between 5,000 and 8,000 pounds, depending on the version bought.

The later 2008 models included covered carriages with heated cabs for increased comfort.

The RT708G is ideal for individuals who spend their days working in the great outdoors on terrain that ranges from smooth to rocky, thanks to its big, pneumatic tires and heavy-duty twin mast construction.

Ingersoll Rand Telehandlers & Forklift Manuals PDF

Ingersoll Rand VR-530C

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