JAC Forklift Technical and Parts Manuals, Specification Sheets PDF

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JAC Forklift owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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JAC 2.5-3.5T Diesel Forklift Performance Parameter [PDF] 1.5Mb Download
JAC CPCD10-15-18 Tech Manual [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
JAC CPCD20-25-30-35 Specification Sheet [PDF] 660.7kb Download
JAC Forklift Spare Parts Manual [PDF] 1.9Mb Download

JAC Forklift Manuals PDF

Forklifts from the well-known Chinese manufacturer JAC are specialized machinery for unloading, loading, lifting, storing, and transporting products.

JAC Motors is the largest producer of trucks, buses, off-road vehicles, electric vehicles, and forklifts in China. It has been running in the Jianghuai plant’s facilities since September 30, 1999. The factory was established in 1964. Due to its excellent manufacturability and use of cutting-edge technology, the firm is one of the TOP manufacturers.

One of the company’s few product lines is JAC forklifts. Carrying capacities (1, 2.5, 3, 5, 8.5, 25 tons, etc.), engine types, and other features vary. One of the most sought-after automobiles in the world, the brand’s products are thought to be the best value in terms of price/quality.

All JAC loaders are categorized for your convenience based on their load capacities, ranging from 1 to 25 tons.

Diesel loaders are classified under CPCD, whereas gasoline and gasoline-related products are under CPQD. A distinct group consists of:

  • CPD 15-50 – electric forklifts with capacity from 1.5 to 5.0;
  • CDD 20-60 – electric stackers capable of carrying 1.5 and 2.0 tons of weight with a lift height of 1 to 6 m;
  • CBD – pallet carriers for 1.5-3 tons.

You may select a JAC forklift from a variety of equipment based on load capacity, considering the application’s requirements and features.

JAC loaders are categorized according to engine type

The engines utilized in the company’s equipment vary. There are the following choices accessible here:

  1. Diesel. Demanded by representatives of several economic sectors. They are more frequently utilized on the streets since they produce a lot of dangerous emissions and noise when operating. Moreover, they distinguish for being economical and environmentally friendly. Meet Euro-3 requirements. Nissan, Isuzu, and Kubota engines, as well as ones of their design, are fitted.
  2. Gasoline. Models that can operate on both gas and gasoline are universal. Nearly no hazardous compounds are released from them, and the exhaust fumes are odorless. Such devices can be used both indoors and outdoors (if there is adequate ventilation). The engine begins off using gas, then transitions to gas. This feature decreases usage and extends the motor’s life by 20–30%.
  3. Electrical. They have a contemporary Curtis system, are quiet, and run on batteries. A mechanism exists in every model that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. Although these machines may be used indoors, their maximum load is just 5 tons.

JAC CPCD 50 N diesel forklift

The JAC CPCD 50 H forklift uses diesel fuel and can lift up to 5 tons of weight. It is employed in the storing and transportation of a variety of items. According to the ITA, it belongs to the fifth class. Suitable for outdoor use

Basic specifications:

  • dimensions – 3.44×1.995×2.45 m;
  • weight – 8.16 tons;
  • wheelbase – 2.25 m;
  • ground clearance – 21 cm;
  • front protrusion – 40.7 cm;
  • speed – 27 km / h;
  • turning radius – 3.25 m;
  • tilt angle forward / backward – 6 and 12 degrees.

The JAC CPCD 50H is a productive vehicle with one of three engine types, each with a power range of 67.7 to 83 kW and a speed range of 2000 to 2300: JAC, Mitsubishi S6S-T, ISUZU 6BG1, or Perkins 1104C-44T. They are supplied with rubber (standard) or pneumatic (base) tires. The bottom bracket free travel is restricted to 20.5 cm, and the fork length is 1.22 m.

An electronic gearbox that combines automatic and manual transmission functions operate in tandem with the engine. The operator’s job is made easier, as is vehicle control, as a result.

The loader is distinguished by a high degree of driver comfort and productivity. Both the steering wheel and chair’s angle may be changed. The loader’s body is constructed from materials of the highest caliber.

The technical staff can do work all day long and is very dependable. In addition, the machine’s design allows for the existence of a unique quadrobase, which improves cross-country performance.

The mobility and quick speed of the diesel JAC CPCD 50 H set it apart from other models. When carrying freight, the automobile may accelerate to 27 km/h and up to 10 km/h when completely loaded. In addition, the fork can lift objects up to 46.5 cm per second.

Due to its sophisticated cleaning system, lack of noise, and ability to be utilized on open or closed platforms, the loader has seen extensive use. It is designed to operate on both open and closed platforms and is notable for its steadiness and cutting-edge braking mechanism. In addition, the 500-hour maintenance window is observed.

JAC CPQD 25 gasoline forklift

The JAC CPQD 25 model, offered in the H and J series, may be purchased if you wish to save money. The equipment can lift and move objects up to 2.5 tons to heights of 3 meters. Gasoline starts the engine, after which the power unit converts to more cost-effective gas. With the primary 2-tier mast present, you can raise objects up to a height of 3 meters, and the container version can lift objects up to a height of 6 meters.

The concept is employed by businesses that handle the extraction, processing, manufacture, or transportation of a variety of resources. Equipment may be used both indoors and outside thanks to the usage of gas as the primary fuel.

Basic specifications:

  • dimensions – 2.56×1.16×2.07 m;
  • weight – 3.74 tons;
  • wheelbase – 1.6 m;
  • ground clearance – 11.5 cm;
  • front protrusion – 46.5 cm;
  • speed – 19 km / h;
  • turning radius – 3.22 m;
  • tilt angle forward / backward – 6 and 12 degrees.

A JAC or Nissan K21/K25 engine with a power range of 37.4 to 41 kW is fitted as the power source. The aforementioned motors meet high power and environmental friendliness standards. By having a gas device, you may extend your intervals and save money on gasoline. The engine functions in tandem with a Toyota gearbox that is easy to use and has a long lifespan.

The car’s tires can be rubber or pneumatic upon request. With a 16 cm carriage free play, it features forks that are 1.07 m long. Even while operating at an angle, the all-wheel support base offers a high level of stability.

JAC CPD 15 electric forklift

The JAC CDP15J electric forklift is better suited for handling indoors where stringent environmental standards apply. For slick operation, simple operation, and maintenance, it is ITA Class 1. manufactured in compliance with US and EU environmental regulations.

The model can support up to 1.5 tons of weight. A 400 Ah, 48 V battery powers it. Thanks to the strategically placed battery, the equipment is stable even when operating on a hill. In addition, the ability to rotate 360 degrees along the axis makes it convenient to maintain the motor.

Basic specifications:

  • dimensions – 2.22×1.072×1.99 m;
  • weight – 3 tons;
  • wheelbase – 1.37 m;
  • ground clearance (minimum) – 9 cm;
  • front protrusion – 40.7 cm;
  • speed – 14 km / h;
  • turning radius – 2.03 m;
  • tilt angle forward / backward – 6 and 12 degrees.

On pneumatic or solid rubber tires, the electric forklift travels. The first two are included in the basic version, while the second can be ordered for installation. The tread widths are 89.4 cm for the front and 92 cm for the back. The primary working portion is 1.07 meters long and has a free carriage stroke of 12 centimeters. The forks’ simultaneous lifting speed with weight is 28 cm/s.

A modified version with an Italian control system, a well-designed and comfortable cab, high mobility, and simple maintenance is the JAC CPD 15 electric loader. It is an essential helper in closed warehouses because of the lack of noise and emissions.

JAC Forklift Manuals PDF


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