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Hyundai Trucks HD 35, HD1000, HD210, HD450, HD500, HD700, Mega-Trucks, New Power Truck, H350: operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Hyundai Trucks

Hyundai HD 35 City

This model has the perfect combination of engine performance and a 6-speed gearbox. The maximum torque here is increased by 35% compared to previous models. For maximum driver comfort, increased forward visibility and a spacious cabin have been developed here.

The cabin’s width is 1660 cm, and the viewing angle is 40.8 degrees. The creators paid special attention to reduced noise levels, and the easily tilted cab simplifies the maintenance process. The cab tilts 45 degrees. The wheelbase, whose length is 2.8 m, allows you to install a van, the length of which is no more than 3.5 m.

The carrying capacity here is 300 kg more than the Hyundai Porter, and this model can carry up to 1.8 tons of cargo. Moreover, the new high-strength frame allows you to work in conditions of increased load.

Hyundai HD 35

The HD 35 might be the right choice for you if you are looking for a medium-duty truck. It is ideal for city trips. The load capacity of this model is 1.5 tons, which is enough in most cases. The total curb weight of this model is 3.5 tons, and to drive this car. You just need a category B license.

The car’s high clearance and maneuverability make it easy to drive it in urban traffic. At the request of buyers, any superstructures can be installed here – from the body to the tow truck.

Hyundai HD 120

One of the largest models in the line of trucks from the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai. Reinforced frame design allows you to install superstructures of any level. This is an extra-long specification, with a wide cabin type. The motors installed on this model can withstand any weather conditions and work equally well in cold and hot weather.

The HD 120 engine can speed up to 123 km/h. This model is designed for use in urban areas and for medium intercity distances. The body has over 50 modification options, including cabins, superstructures, etc.

The model is widely used due to the wide wheelbase and high load capacity. This model is considered the most powerful of the entire range of Hyundai.

Hyundai HD170

The chassis and flatbed Hyundai HD170 are versatile trucks with a comfortable one-and-a-half cab, practical design, and balanced performance characteristics that allow both versions to be used both as an “urban delivery truck” and as an “intercity transport vehicle” and, of course, as a basis for installation add-ons for any purpose.

The HD170 is equipped with a modern, comfortable cabin with a large glass area, a simple but attractive design, a slight aerodynamic body kit, and wide doorways that facilitate landing.

Unlike its medium-duty counterparts, the cab of the HD170 heavy-duty truck offers slightly more free space inside. In addition, it is equipped with a more comfortable berth – which significantly increases the usability of this model during frequent long-distance trips.

There are two options for wheelbases: 4395 and 5850 mm. Accordingly, the length of the truck in the chassis version will be 7930 or 9525 mm, the width in both cases is 2495 mm, and the height is limited to 2920 mm. The track of the front and rear wheels is 2040 and 1850 mm, respectively. The ground clearance reaches 285 mm, and the front overhang is 1495 mm.

The Hyundai HD170 is based on a frame chassis with channel-type beams reinforced with transverse traverses. The engine is mounted under the cab and a 6-cylinder in-line D6GA diesel unit plays its role with a working volume of 5899 cm³. The engine complies with the Euro-4 environmental standard, its maximum output is 260 hp, and the peak torque is 932 N•m, which is quite enough to accelerate a loaded car to 120 km/h with average fuel consumption of 25 liters per 100 km.

The engine is paired with a 6-speed manual transmission.

Hyundai HD270

The Hyundai HD270 dump truck is one of the most successful Korean trucks.

Thanks to excellent adaptation to various climatic conditions, unpretentious maintenance, and low operating costs, HD270 dump trucks fully justify the money invested in their purchase, working equally well both within and outside the city off paved roads.

The dump truck is produced in a single version with a 6×4 wheel arrangement, a wheelbase of 3290 mm, and a distance between the axles of the rear bogie at 1300 mm. The truck’s overall length is 7800 mm, the width of the Hyundai HD270 is limited to 2495 mm, and the height of the dump truck does not exceed 3250 mm. The track of the front and rear wheels is 2040 and 1850 mm, the minimum ground clearance is 260 mm, and the front and rear overhangs are limited to 1495 and 1125 mm, respectively.

A reliable and unpretentious 6-cylinder in-line D6AC turbodiesel with a working volume of 11149 cm³ is installed under the folding cab, which perfectly tolerates low-quality fuel. Its power reaches 340 hp, and the peak torque falls at around 1451 N•m so even a loaded dump truck picks up speed quite confidently on paved roads. A locking center differential is provided for off-road driving, but a 6-speed “mechanics” M12S6 is responsible for transferring traction from the engine to the rear axles.

Hyundai HD500

Hyundai HD500 is a popular Korean truck tractor, which was planned to be released at TagAZ, but in the end, was limited to only small experimental batches.

In 2012, the truck underwent its last restyling, which was limited to cosmetic improvements in appearance and minor improvements in cabin ergonomics.

The HD500 was one of the first trucks from the Korean auto giant to receive a cab of its design (rather than a copy of the Japanese cab, produced under license from Mitsubishi).

Hyundai HD500

Hyundai HD500

The overall length of the tractor in the basic version is 6447 mm, the width is within 2495 mm, and the height is limited to 2980 mm without considering the air intake. The wheelbase of the HD500 is 3900 mm, ground clearance reaches 232 mm, and the minimum turning radius is only 6.2 meters. The height of the tractor hitch is 1150 mm.

Under the tractor’s cab is a D6CC turbodiesel with six-in-line cylinders with a total displacement of 12344 cm³, which is quite enough to develop 380 hp and 1450 N•m of torque. Traction is transmitted to the rear axle’s wheels through a 10-speed manual transmission H160S2x5, which in some batches of the truck is replaced by a 16-speed “mechanics” from ZF.

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