Hyundai Xcient Owner’s and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Hyundai Xcient operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Hyundai Xcient

Hyundai Xcient is a line of heavy trucks developed by the Korean auto giant according to European standards. This family, which replaced Trago in 2013, includes truck tractors, dump trucks, as well as a chassis version with an onboard cargo platform. Distinctive features of trucks of the Xcient series are a high level of comfort and a wide choice of cab options.

Hyundai Xcient 6×4

Hyundai Xcient 6×4 is a top truck tractor from the Korean auto giant, the development of which was carried out in accordance with European quality standards, which allowed the Koreans to create a competitive truck that can compete on equal terms with the “European giants” (in terms of driver comfort, operational safety, efficiency, technical convenience, service, and traction power).

The three-axle version of the tractor received the same cabin as its younger two-axle counterpart.

The cab has two ceiling heights, a modern European design, a folding step for service integrated into the bumper, wide doorways with comfortable steps for boarding, and a large tipping angle that greatly simplifies access to the engine.

Inside the cabin, the Koreans managed to provide the highest level of comfort by providing the interior with a huge number of storage spaces, including a pull-out refrigerator for food. In the high ceiling version, the cab has two 800 mm wide berths, while the upper sleeping bag is in a fold-down design with an additional aluminum ladder. An alternative to the “top sleeping bag” can be the “Rear overhead console” – a storage system with a volume of 320 liters. All controls are located as close as possible, while the driver is not constrained in movements, and the air suspension seat offers a wide range of different adjustments. Additionally, the seat is equipped with a ventilation function with the possibility of supplying both cold and hot air.

There are two wheelbases for the Hyundai Xcient Truck 6×4: short – 4650 mm and long – 4950 mm. Accordingly, the overall length of the tractor is 7010 mm or 7310 mm. The width of the truck in all versions is unchanged – 2490 mm, but the height depends on the type of cab used: 3450 mm when installing a cab with a low roof and 3835 mm when installing a high cab. Regardless of the wheelbase and cab options, the total weight of the tractor must not exceed 31,700 kg. Respectively, the maximum allowable load is 23,220 kg. Like the “junior” tractor, the three-axle Xcient Truck received three power plant options, the role of which is played by 6-cylinder turbo diesel units:

  • Modification D6AC (volume – 11.15 liters) produces 340 hp. power and 1333 N•m of torque.
  • Modification D6HB38 (9.96 liters) is capable of delivering 380 hp and 1568 N•m of torque.
  • And the D6CC41 version (12.35 liters) is capable of 410 hp and 1844 N•m of torque.

Each motor has its own manual transmission, respectively: 6-speed M12S6, 10-speed H160S2x5, and top 16-speed ZF16S1830.

The Xcient Truck 6×4 is based on a ladder-type frame with channel elements, the thickness of which reaches 8 mm, and additional reinforcement crossheads. The front suspension of the tractor is based on parabolic springs, the rear suspension is built on air springs.

The brake system of the truck is pneumatic, while disc brakes are mounted on all wheels. The list of the standard equipment of the Hyundai Xcient Truck 6×4 tractor includes halogen optics, fog lights, a metal engine cover, a multifunctional steering wheel, two 12 and 24 V sockets in the cab, a steering column adjustable for reach and tilt, air conditioning, audio preparation, an onboard computer, aluminum fuel tanks for 930 and 450 liters, ASR and ABS systems.

Hyundai Xcient Truck 4×2

The Hyundai Xcient Truck 4×2 tractor is the “junior” model in the line of flagship tractors from the Korean auto giant.

In order to have a serious chance of successful competition, the developers equipped the Hyundai Xcient Truck 4×2 with an “ultra-modern” cabin of their own design, which has several options: a low and high roof. In the case of a mainline tractor, the option with a high roof is of greatest interest – as prepared as possible for long trips.

The Hyundai Xcient Truck 4×2 tractor is available with two wheelbase options: 3600 or 3900 mm. Accordingly, the overall length of the truck is 6190 or 6490 mm. The width in all cases is 2490 mm, but the height varies depending on the type of cabin: with a low roof – 3315 mm, and with a high one – 3845 mm. The permissible total weight of the tractor is 18300 kg for the short base version and 20500 for the long base version. Accordingly, the payload is 11325 and 13205 kg.

The tractor is based on a classic ladder-type frame with channel elements, the thickness of which reaches 8 mm. The cab is mounted on an air suspension, each supporting element of which is equipped with an additional side shock absorber.

The drive for this model is rear, through a single-stage axle with a gear ratio of 4.333. All wheels use disc brakes with discs with a diameter of 430 mm and pneumatic drive.

Hyundai Xcien Owner's Maintenance Manuals PDF


For the Hyundai Xcient Truck 4×2, there are three options a 6-cylinder diesel power plant equipped with a turbocharger with intercooler.

The younger model D6AC is capable of delivering 340 hp and 1333 N • m of torque with a working volume of 11149 cm³. Aggregates this engine with a 6-speed gearbox M12S6.

The average D6HB38 engine with a volume of 9960 cm³ is designed for a return of 380 hp and 1568 N•m of torque. The D6HB38 works in tandem with the H160S2x5 gearbox, which has ten speeds.

The top D6CC41 engine has a displacement of 12344 cm³, which allows it to develop up to 410 hp and 1844 N•m of torque, which are transmitted to the drive axle through a 16-speed gearbox ZF16S1830.

The manufacturer includes in the standard equipment of the Hyundai Xcient Truck 4×2 tractor: fog lights, halogen optics, a folding step for service integrated into the bumper, metal engine protection, 12 and 24 V sockets, two aluminum fuel tanks for 930 and 450 liters, power steering, adjustable steering column, multifunctional steering wheel, audio preparation, onboard computer, aerodynamic cabin deflectors, air conditioning, ASR and ABS systems.

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