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Porsche Tractor owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, tech specs, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Porsche 108k Junior Bosch Service Bulletins [PDF]: This downloadable PDF file contains a collection of Bosch service bulletins related to the Porsche 108k Junior tractor. These bulletins offer valuable information on maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair procedures, as well as updates and recommendations from the manufacturer for maintaining the performance and reliability of the tractor’s electrical system and components. 164.5kb Download
Porsche Diesel Tractor Service Bulletins [PDF]: This comprehensive PDF resource compiles service bulletins for various Porsche Diesel tractor models, including the Junior, Standard, Super, and Master series. The document covers essential maintenance tips, repair procedures, and technical updates to help owners and mechanics maintain the performance and longevity of these classic tractors. 1.7Mb Download
Porsche Junior 108 Technical Specifications [PDF]: This detailed PDF file provides a complete list of technical specifications for the Porsche Junior 108 tractor. It covers key information such as engine specifications, dimensions, and performance data, enabling owners, enthusiasts, and mechanics to gain an in-depth understanding of this classic tractor’s features and capabilities. 1.6Mb Download

Porsche Tractors

From the 1950s through the early 1960s, a German company named Porsche Diesel Motorenbau GmbH produced diesel engines and tractors. Ferdinand Porsche, the creator of the renowned sports car firm, became interested in developing tractors for use in agriculture, which led to the establishment of the business. Porsche tractors were renowned for their distinctive designs, robustness, and productivity.

A few of the well-known Porsche tractors produced are:

  • Porsche Junior: Often referred to as the Porsche-Diesel 108, the Junior was the company’s smallest vehicle. It had a 14–16 horsepower, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. The Junior was well-liked by vineyards and little farms.
  • Porsche Standard: The two-cylinder, air-cooled diesel engine of the Porsche-Diesel 218 or Standard generated about 25 horsepower. It was offered in a variety of configurations and was appropriate for medium-sized farms.
  • Porsche Super: The Super, often referred to as the Porsche-Diesel 308, had a three-cylinder, air-cooled diesel engine that generated roughly 38 horsepower. It was created for larger farms and harder jobs.
  • Porsche Master: The largest and most potent tractor in the Porsche series was the Porsche Diesel 408, or Master. It had a four-cylinder, 50-horsepower diesel engine that was air-cooled. The Master was designed for the biggest farms and labor-intensive tasks.

After being acquired by Mannesmann AG, Porsche Diesel Motorenbau GmbH stopped making tractors in 1963. Because of its distinctive design and association with the Porsche brand, Porsche tractors continue to be a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts even though they are no longer manufactured.

Porsche Diesel Junior 108

Porsche Diesel Junior 108

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