SMV Reachstacker Technical, Operator’s and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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SMV Reachstacker owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
SMV 10-52 Ton Forklifts Brochure [PDF] 555.2kb Download
SMV 10-600B / 60-1200B Driver’s Instruction Book [PDF] 2.6Mb Download
SMV 4-6 ECB 80 / 6-8 ECB 90 Driver’s Manual [PDF] 23.2kb Download
SMV Forklift / ECB / Reachstacker Electrical Wiring Diagrams [PDF] 23.6kb Download
SMV Reach Stacker SC 4127-4535 tA / SC 4023-4531 CA Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 464.8kb Download
SMV SC 108 TA Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 2.5Mb Download

SMV Reachstacker Manuals PDF

This Swedish business was established in Silverdalen in 1947, and it started to specialize in loader manufacture in 1953. Since 1995, when a new facility in Markaryd was implemented, SMV Konecranes AB has been producing reach stackers and is one of the market’s active players for lifting-transport equipment for handling containers. Twelve different versions of the CS series reachstackers, primarily built to operate with loaded containers, are available from the business.

The company was a pioneer in their use, starting to install such pumps in series on the entire line of loaders/reachstackers back in 1995. The second generation of this system is already used in the B series. The main distinction between the SMV models and the reachstackers of other companies, aside from axial piston pumps, is a chassis frame made of welded box sections with reinforced top and bottom walls. It’s interesting to note that there has never been a complaint concerning design flaws in the company’s 11 years of manufacturing these devices.

The same cab and standardized instrument panel are installed on every SMV reachstacker. They typically use Scania six-cylinder turbodiesels; however, on request, Volvo power units can be fitted, and add the IQAN power and torque management system. All machines use variable displacement piston pumps rather than pistons to power their hydraulic systems. Directly visible on the spreader and replicated on the instrument panel in the cab are indicators that show the weight of the load, overloads, and the installation of twist locks in corner fittings. Using this approach decreases the chance of accidents, and the operator may concentrate solely on activities involving the cargo. A headlight is also included with the spreader. The Kalmar ContMaster reach stackers, and the SMV indexing are both reachstackers. The final digit indicates the number of tiers in the container stack in the first row following the letter prefix (TB or CB).

The SC 108 TA6 outfitted with the ELME 517 spreader is the sole empty container reachstacker in the SMV program. The spreader load of these machines is restricted to 5 t on the upper tiers, while their maximum load capacity is 10 and 8 tons in the first and second rows of containers on the penultimate layer (on the 4th and 5th tiers).

Except for the SC 4127 model, the remainder of the SMV reach stackers have relatively classic designs and can handle 45-ton containers in the base and feeder ports. They are all made in various forms and are all compatible with 40-foot containers:

  • The TB series is designed to operate with conventional containers.
  • The CB is designed to work with car trailers or semi-trailers.
  • The CBH is designed with retractable stops that let you enhance the load capacity in the second and third rows of containers.

All variants have a rotating spreader with a side shift of about 800 mm and a left and right rotation of 95° and 185°. The machines may also have a C-hook, an intermodal side grapple spreader, a lifting block frame for hauling general goods, and a crab slab grapple. Reachstackers SC 4545 are also included in the production schedule for cargo handling at river port docks. You may lower the container directly into the hold of a barge or lighter by using the boom with an extended jib.

SMV Forklift Manuals PDF

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