Truck BAW-Fenix Fault Codes List

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Truck BAW-Fenix (Euro 3): Table error codes ECU EDC16C39-4DC

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BAW Fenix Euro-3 fault codes [PDF] 120.7kb Download
BAW Trucks Fault Codes [PDF] 120.7kb Download

BAW-Fenix -Fault codes.xlsx

P-code OBD-IIBOSCH CodesDescriptionDescription of the Defect type
p0016105Installation of camshaft and crankshaftToo large deviation
p00691172Boost pressure sensorAhaad
p00871124Regulation of fuel quantityExceeded Max. Value
p00881125Regulation of fuel quantityExceeded Max. Value
p0098288Sensor TEMP error. AirHigh Voltage
p01161394Temperature Cooling. LiquidThe temperature is unreliable
p011622Sensor temp. Chilled. LiquidOut of Range
p011715Sensor temp. Chilled. LiquidLow CTS signal level
p011814Sensor temp. Chilled. LiquidVoltage too high
P0123235Gas Pedal Position Sensor 1Voltage too high
p0191673Pressure sensor in Fuels. RampOut of Range
p0193671Pressure sensor in Fuels. RampVoltage too high
p0201602Nozzle 1 CylinderShort Circuit
p02026112 Cylinder NozzleShort Circuit
p0203618Nozzle 3 CylinderShort Circuit
p02046254 CYLINDER NozzleShort Circuit
p0205 *6325 Cylinder NozzleShort Circuit
p0206 *639Nozzle 6 CylinderShort Circuit
p0223250Gas Pedal Position Sensor 2Voltage too high
p02342398pressurization pressureSignal too low
p0238538Boost pressure sensorVoltage too high
p02511017Fuel Dispenser UnitAhaad
p02531022Fuel Dispenser UnitMass closure
p02541021Fuel Dispenser UnitPlus closure
p0261305Nozzle 1 CylinderShort Circuit
p0262599Nozzle 1 CylinderShort-circuit to mass
p0263601Nozzle 1 CylinderAhaad
p02643062 Cylinder NozzleShort Circuit
p02656072 Cylinder NozzleShort-circuit to mass
p02666102 Cylinder NozzleAhaad
p0267307Nozzle 3 CylinderShort Circuit
p0268615Nozzle 3 CylinderShort-circuit to mass
p0269617Nozzle 3 CylinderAhaad
p02703084 CYLINDER NozzleShort Circuit
p02716224 CYLINDER NozzleShort-circuit to mass
p02726244 CYLINDER NozzleAhaad
p0273 *3105 Cylinder NozzleShort Circuit
p0274 *6295 Cylinder NozzleShort-circuit to mass
p0275 *6315 Cylinder NozzleAhaad
p0276 *311Nozzle 6 CylinderShort Circuit
p0277 *636Nozzle 6 CylinderShort-circuit to mass
p0278 *638Nozzle 6 CylinderAhaad
p02992397pressurization pressureSignal too high
p0336104Crankshaft Position SensorWrong signal
p034099Camshaft Position SensorNo signal
p0380568Glow Plugs and Heating circuitError in the heating circuit of the glow plug, KZ
  p0384246Overheating (burnout) of the command relay coil Short-circuit on plus
p0401 *692Exhaust Gas Recycling SystemInefficiency of waste gas recycling system
p0402 *691Exhaust Gas Recycling SystemToo high flow rate in exhaust gas recycling system
p0503471Motion Speed sensorSpeed is too high
p0504699Stop signal switch (BLS)Ahaad
p0563542Battery voltageVoltage too high
P0607283Motor Control UnitMalfunctioning
P0607284Motor Control UnitMalfunctioning
P0607285Motor Control UnitMalfunctioning
P0607454Motor Control UnitInternal Error
P0607480Pump control Unit (dispenser)Missing link
p060a279Motor Control UnitMalfunctioning
p060b16Internal support voltage. Control UnitVoltage too high
p060c358Motor Control UnitOut of Range
p062b591Output Cascades of injectorsMalfunctioning
p062b595Output Cascades of injectorsMalfunctioning
p062f280Motor Control UnitInternal Error
p062f281Motor Control UnitInternal Error
p062f282Motor Control UnitInternal Error
p0643428Sensor Supply Voltage 1Voltage too high
p0647680Hungarian-E Refrigerant compressorPlus closure
p0653430Sensor Supply Voltage 2Voltage too high
p0686357Main RelayMalfunctioning
p0687356Main RelayMalfunctioning
p085632Adjustment Hauling. Motor torqueAhaad
p1007109Moment control/requested torque engineUnreliable signal
p10111121Regulation of fuel quantityfunction violation
p10121122Regulation of fuel quantityExceeded Max. Value
p10131123Regulation of fuel quantityThe pressure in the ramp is below the minimum
P12001192Injection time in cylinder 1surpassed border Reg-Ki
p12021194Injection time in cylinder 2surpassed border Reg-Ki
p1203298Specific errors of the 1st row-engine stopShort Circuit
p1204579Specific errors of the 1st row-engine stopShort-circuit to mass
p12041196Injection time in cylinder 3surpassed border Reg-Ki
p1206580Specific errors of the 1st row-engine stopNot classified
p12061198Injection time in cylinder 4surpassed border Reg-Ki
p1208 *1200Time error on cylinder filling 5Exceeding the maximum set time
P120A *1202Time error on cylinder filling 6Exceeding the maximum set time
p120b3002 Series specific errors-engine stopShort Circuit
p120c5852 Series specific errors-engine stopShort-circuit to mass
p120c1204Injection time in cylinder 1surpassed border adjustment
p120e5862 Series specific errors-engine stopShort Circuit
p120e1206Injection time in cylinder 2surpassed border adjustment
p12101208Injection time in cylinder 3surpassed border adjustment
p12121210Injection time in cylinder 4surpassed border adjustment
P12141212Error in calibration duration of cylinder injector 5Exceeding the maximum set time
p1216 *1214Error in calibration duration of cylinder injector 6Exceeding the maximum set time
p1602703Sensor temp. Chilled. LiquidMass closure
p16051654Tachometer Signal ErrorPlus closure
p16071656Tachometer Signal ErrorNo signal
p1607286Internal support voltage. Control UnitVoltage too high
p1608261Heating indicator lamp ChainShort-circuit on plus
p1608287Internal support voltage. Control UnitVoltage too low
p160c1240High Pressure diagnosticsMalfunctioning
p1613366Start controlComponent. Wrong or exceeded time
p1614370Start controlAhaad
p16151280High Pressure diagnosticsfunction violation
p1616425Motor Control UnitInternal Error
p1617426Motor Control UnitInternal Error
p1618427Motor Control UnitInternal Error
p1619446Signal Lamp of defect presencePlus closure
p161d689Encoding optionsSignal Transmission Error
p161e690Encoding optionsAhaad
p161f1216Compression testfunction violation
p213572Gas Pedal Position Sensor 2Signal comparison Sensei. 1/2 unreliable
p2135668Gas Pedal Position Sensor 1Signal comparison Sensei. 1/2 unreliable
p2228322Atmospheric pressure sensorVoltage too low
p2229319Atmospheric pressure sensorVoltage too high
p22671173Water content sensor in fuelExceeding the permissible water level in the Ftot
p2299355"Mountain brake" switch on the gas pedalUnreliable signal
p2533452Exit Terminal 15No voltage

*-not used for BAW 1044, 1065

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