Webasto Air Top 2000ST Fault Codes

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Webasto Air Top 2000ST Fault Codes List

Webasto Air Top 2000ST Fault Codes List

Webasto Air Top 2000ST

Webasto Air Top 2000ST DTCs

Fault codeDescription
F00Control block error/incorrect setting of parameters
F01No start
F02Flame breakage
F03Low or High voltage
F04Premature Flame Detection
F05Flame detector breakage or short circuit (gasoline only)
F06Failure or short-circuit of the temperature remote sensor
F07Failure or short circuit of the dosing pump
F08Fan motor failure or short circuit or Overload or the fan motor lock.
F09Failure or closure of the roll pin
F11Overheating sensor failure or short circuit
F12Lock Heater
F14Incorrect position of the overheating sensor
F15Breakage in the chain of control body

Description Webasto Air Top 2000 ST (diesel)

Autonomous air heaters Webasto Air Top 2000 ST operate on diesel fuel of the car and are used for heating cabins for sleeping trucks, minibuses, special equipment cabins, trailers and boats. The device with a power of 2 kW is ideally proven in a temperate climate.

As the main advantages of the diesel Air Top 2000 ST is an updated, durable and lightweight motor. In the air heater for the air blower, an insulating gasket is used as an impeller. The device prevents dusting and facilitates the passage of air.

Air heaters allow to heat cargo compartments with temperature sensitive cargoes or car interiors in very cold weather. It is possible to adjust the automatic setting of the temperature, in this case the heating power varies from 0.9 to 2 kW.

Design features of the heater Webasto Air Top 2000 ST (diesel)

Due to the latest developments in the field of internal circulation, this model has become the most quiet heater in the Webasto category. This is assisted by a smooth automatic power control, which helps to avoid sharp sound jumps, which often hinder the sleeping driver and his passengers. The heater is regulated either by a timer on which the day and the hour of activation is set, or by means of a switch. Both devices contain temperature controllers.

The technological features include the following data:

  • The ceramic incandescent pin reduces the load on the battery.
  • Plug-in moisture-proof connectors with compact dimensions make it possible to mount the device in any places, including engine compartments.
  • The metal-ceramic torch prevents premature wear of the device and its overheating.
  • Waterproof parts provide high functionality at any humidity.
  • In the warm period, air heaters Webasto Air Top 2000 ST (diesel) is used as a fan of the cabin or cabin.

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