Balkancar Forklift Service, Repair and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Balkancar Forklift owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Balkancar AC / ER 630.30 S, AC / ER 634.30 S Technical Specifications [PDF] 65.1kb Download
Balkancar D2500K Forklift Diesel Engine Parts Catalogue [PDF] 25Mb Download
Balkancar D3900K Forklift engine Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 264.3kb Download
Balkancar DB 1661.28.10 / 1661.33.10 / 1661.28.11 / 1661.33.11 / 1661.33.14 Forklift truck Parts Catalogue [PDF] 5.4Mb Download
Balkancar DV 1621.28.10 / 1621.33.10 / 1621.28.11 / 1621.33.11 / 1621.33.14 / 1661.28.10 / 1661.33.10 / 1661.28.11 Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 438.3kb Download
Balkancar DV 1784.33.30 / 1784.40.20 / 1784.45.20 / 1786.33.20 / 1786.40.20 / 1786.45.20 / 1788.33.20 / 1788.40.20 / 1788.45.20 / 1792.33.20 Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 481.8kb Download
Balkancar DV 1786.45.111S Operator’s Manual [PDF] 1.6Mb Download
Balkancar E3 Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 666.1kb Download
Balkancar E4R Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.5Mb Download
Balkancar EB 687.22.10 / EB 686.28.11 / EB 687.22.11 / EB 687.28.22 / 687.22.22 / EB 687.33.10 Parts Catalogue [PDF] 42.7Mb Download
Balkancar EP35 / EP40 / EP50 Electric Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 75.3kb Download
Balkancar EV 717.22.72 / EV 717.33.73 / EV 717.45.73 Parts Catalogue [PDF] 43.4Mb Download
Balkancar EV717.33.22 Electric Forklift Operator’s and Service Manual [PDF] 539.8kb Download
Balkancar G221Ben Alternator [PDF] 186.4kb Download
Balkancar R1S Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.5Mb Download
Balkancar R2S Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 1.7Mb Download
Balkancar R2SR Forklift Technical Specifications [PDF] 962.8kb Download
Balkancar TVH Parts Service Catalogue [PDF] 6.4Mb Download

Balkancar forklift background information

Forklifts are in high demand in many settings, especially warehouses, ports, stations, and manufacturing facilities. In the days of the Soviet Union, Bulgarian forklifts, known as Balkancars, were widely used because of their high quality and low cost. After the fall of the USSR, many factories shut down, but the Bulgarian industry kept going and now provides a wide variety of high-quality models.

The gear has proved to be a solid investment, with satisfied customers praising its responsive controls, long lifespan, reliable performance, and adaptability. Balkancar forklifts have been used for years in vast areas, and their small footprint allows them to handle tasks in tight quarters. Current versions include forklifts powered by diesel, gasoline, and even electricity; models may also be categorized based on their maximum allowable load. In addition, forklifts and spare parts are easily accessible, thanks to Bulgaria’s proximity.

The small size allows for operation in tight quarters, while the high torque engine guarantees the safe carriage of cargo over long distances. Moreover, forklifts of this kind are well-suited for usage in warehouses because of the prevalence of pallets there.

This method is used outdoors and inside, albeit it runs into complications indoors. The forklift’s loud motor, mainly powered by diesel or gasoline, may be a significant distraction while operating in enclosed spaces. CO2 emissions from such engines also contribute to air pollution, which must be considered. The room’s ventilation system must be in good working order.

Features forklifts Balkankar

  1. There are diesel, gasoline, and electric motors employed, with popular manufacturers like Toyota (look: Toyota Forklift Manuals PDF), Minsk, and Deutz as references. The forklift’s weight capability determines where the engine is placed.
  2. Microcontrollers regulate the operation of an electric engine in a Balkancar forklift. This method reduces the complexity of using the apparatus and increases security.
  3. The forklift may be driven with minimal pedal pressure using the hydrostatic transmission in newer variants.
  4. Main and auxiliary lights are standard on forklifts.
  5. Depending on the make and model, the tires may be either pneumatic or solid. Good stability is not guaranteed, but the pneumatic type creates excellent shock absorption. In contrast, solid wheels offer a higher load capacity and more excellent resistance to wear, but they absorb less shock when the forklift hits a bump in the road.

Forklift trucks Balkancar Record (DV series)

There are several industries where forklifts have become standard equipment. They make heavy-load lifting, transporting, and unloading a completely mechanized operation. The Balkankar is a Bulgarian-created forklift technology. It’s made by one of Europe’s most trusted corporations, and it’s a hit not only in the states that were formerly part of the Soviet Union but all around the globe. The main benefits of this mode of transportation are dependability, simplicity, and lack of ostentation.

Specifications Balkancar DV 1792

The DV 1792 forklift is a staple of the Bulgarian manufacturer’s lineup. The model may have undergone so many revisions that the presentation attributes differ from those listed. The forklift has a 78-horsepower (57 kilowatts) diesel engine that can reach speeds of up to 2,500 revolutions per minute. Although the VAMO D3900 4-cylinder engine was the primary option for this vehicle, a variety of alternative engines were also made available. It sucked up around 7 liters of fuel in normal conditions each hour. Interesting fact: one forklift model might have numerous variants, each with its own set of specifications and set of engines. The DV 1792 is a standard electric motor model, so don’t be shocked if you see one.

Balkancar Forklifts Service Repair Manuals PDF

Balkancar DV 1792

Bakankar has a traditional appearance, weighs 5.45 tons, is 2.85 meters in length, and has a total of those dimensions. There is only room to do a complete turn at the 2.7-meter mark. Forks may be raised to a maximum of 4.5 meters in height, and the maximum load capacity is 3,500 kg. In addition to lowering the load, the system permits raising it at a 38 mm/sec rate. Moving at up to 22 km/h when fully laden and powered by a diesel engine. The manufacturer installs pneumatic wheels for this purpose.

Balkancar DV-1661

Diesel forklift DV-1661 is a universal forklift for loading and unloading operations, transporting items on pallets or in special containers over short distances.

Model Features:

  • The ability to load and unload in factories, warehouses, containers, and wagons; compact dimensions; working distance between racks that may be as close as one meter; high degree of mobility
  • flexible working environment, with temperatures ranging from -25°C to +35°C (at harbors and train terminals);
  • simple controls, straightforward functioning;
  • spacious, soft, and height-adjustable workstation;
  • soundproofing and vibration damping afforded by a supple cab-to-chassis suspension;
  • The instrument panel is a separate component; it has a reverse light and a sport steering wheel, providing enough room for the feet.
  • The innovation of Balkancar, a welded chassis design that ensures the secure attachment of numerous components;
  • Simple kinematic system; steerable Axle with sturdy welded construction; hydraulic cylinder with the piston rod.

The manufacturer produces this model in 2 versions: with a lifting level of 3.3 m and 2.8 m.

The main working body is a pitchfork on a vertical cart. But instead of them, you can install another attachment (bucket, side grips, pusher).

Balkancar DV-1788

Diesel forklift DV-1788 is a universal handling equipment capable of transporting items in special containers or on pallets over short distances.

Main Features and Specifications:

  • Hydraulic power assist steering; pneumatic or huge “superelastic” tires;
  • The pitchfork on a vertical cart is the primary working body; various attachments (bucket, side grips, pusher) may be installed in their place.
  • Canvas with a smooth, hard surface (concrete, asphalt) is ideal; a catalyst is required for inside application;
  • broad, usable temperature range from -25 degrees to +35 degrees;
  • There is a hydrodynamic transmission, an inching valve, and a blocker that stops the engine from starting forward or reverse;
  • The device’s control panel shows information such as fuel level, coolant temperature, and elapsed time.
  • The design of the welded chassis allows for the secure attachment of many different components;
  • The Axle can be turned in any direction thanks to a hydraulic cylinder and rod attached to the Axle.

The manufacturer produces this model in 2 versions: with a lift level of 3.3 m and 4.5 m. The load capacity is 3000 kg.

Balkancar DV-1792

The forklift Balkankar DV-1792 is designed to work in open areas and in enclosed spaces for loading and unloading operations. It is highly maneuverable and reliable.

The main advantages of the DV-1792 forklift:

  • high maneuverability;
  • small dimensions;
  • possibility of work at a small distance between racks, in limited space;
  • use for loading and unloading in factories and warehouses, containers, and wagons;
  • wide operating temperature range: from -25°C to +35°C (in ports and railway stations);
  • easy operation, simple control;
  • the possibility of changing motors within different modifications.

Balkancar DV-1792 also has disadvantages: increased noise level and gas pollution when working indoors.

The manufacturer produces this model in 2 versions: with a lift level of 3.3 m and 4.5 m. The load capacity is 3500 kg. The manufacturer produced this model at one time in the form of electric forklifts. The standard equipment is equipped with a diesel 4-cylinder engine.

Design features, and specifications:

  • fuel pump, 2-speed gears;
  • manual parking brake;
  • The main working body is a pitchfork on a vertical trolley, but another attachment (bucket, side grippers, pusher) can be installed instead;
  • Massive all-welded chassis, to which loading and main undercarriage units are attached.

The scope of this forklift: factory and warehouse areas, containers, railway cars, and trailers for vans. The smooth operation of the mechanism allows the use of special equipment for loading and unloading fragile items, glass containers, and medicines.

Other Balkancar models

The Bulgarian company produces 50 basic models and more than 1200 modifications. Among them are universal, unique, and specialized forklifts.

Characteristics of the Balkancar model range:

  • different types of drives;
  • carrying capacity from 0.1 to 8 tons;
  • lifting height from 2 to 6 m.

One of the models – B 687 PiccoloE – is an electric forklift with a load capacity of up to 1.2 tons. Features: compactness, avant-garde design, high maneuverability, ergonomics, reliability. Mechanical control with the one-stage transmission. Chassis design – welded, one-piece. The most critical parameters of the electric forklift are adjusted through digital settings using autocalibration.

Balkancar Forklift Repair Manuals

The key to a long and productive operation of any equipment is proper operation and timely maintenance. But over time, the mechanism of the machine wears out, and repair of forklifts is required. Before contacting a specialized workshop, see the technical documentation. The repair manual presents the main types of faults you can fix yourself. A complex problem will be solved by a repair company.

The main types of repair work for the Balkancar forklift:

  • faulty operation of the fuel pump;
  • malfunctions in the electrics or hydraulics of special equipment;
  • malfunctions of the fuel equipment;
  • breakdowns in the gearbox and engine;
  • painting work, hull alignment.

You may discover a variety of forklift accessories and tools at local businesses.

The most important piece of specialized hardware is the battery. Problems with it may cause contacts to stick or burn, overheat and melt starting resistors, or even break off in their holders. As a result, replacement of the battery is commonplace rather than repair.

There is a considerable chance of electrical connection failure if the machine is used in a harsh environment (high humidity, significant temperature changes). This may be avoided with regular checks and servicing.

The main types of problems of diesel forklifts:

  1. Difficulties with the launch. The reason may be the fuel equipment, starter malfunction, or lack of compression. Inline fuel pumps are sensitive to air ingress.
  2. If the equipment hardly lifts the load and does not move to the side, the reason is in the gearbox.
  3. Valve failure, hydraulic pump wear. Signs: The machine lifts a load lighter in weight than stated in the specifications.
  4. Problems with the brake system. Solution: replacement of oil seals and brake cylinders.

Compliance with the rules of operation and timely transport maintenance will extend the service life.

Balkancar forklift Elelctrica Wiring diagram

Most diesel-powered Balkancar forklifts use typical electrical schematics. They’re required if there’s a need to fix or restore electrical wiring, swap out parts, or hook up new components.

The element and wire of the system’s location may be quickly and easily found with the aid of the diagram. Likewise, you can fix things on your own with its assistance.

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