DISD Wheel Loader Operators, Maintenance and Shop Manuals PDF

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DISD Wheel Loaders owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
DISD SD 300 / SD 20 Technical Specifications [PDF] 8.7Mb Download
DISD SD 310 Shop Manual [PDF] 24.4Mb Download
DISD SD200 Shop Manual [PDF] 17.3Mb Download
DISD SD200 / SD300 Operation Manual ru [PDF] 7.4Mb Download
DISD SD200N Operation Manual [PDF] 2.4Mb Download
DISD SD200N Technical Specification [PDF] 6.1Mb Download
DISD SD300 / SD200 Wheel Loader Technical Specification [PDF] 1.8Mb Download
DISD SD300N Operation Manual ru [PDF] 7Mb Download
DISD SD300N Technical Specification [PDF] 2.5Mb Download
DISD SD310 Wheel Loader Technical Specification [PDF] 2.4Mb Download
DISD SD380 Technical Specification [PDF] 7.5Mb Download

DISD Wheel Loaders Manuals PDF

The international market for earthmoving and road construction equipment offers various models and modifications from different companies. The DISD brand’s small and medium-sized wheel loaders are in high demand among customers worldwide.

The business is a division of Doosan Infracore, one of the biggest global conglomerates, whose history dates back to 1896 in Seoul with the founding of the country’s first specialty store, which paved the way for the 1937 inauguration of the facility.

The company entered the international market by opening branches in various nations after making great strides to develop the South Korean market, which led to the establishment of a division for the production of road construction equipment and other equipment in 1977 under the name Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment.

The DISD SD200, SD200N, SD300, and SD300N are current examples in the Doosan loaders model line.

Doosan designers have years of expertise and knowledge and closely adhere to the company’s set standards for quality and customer service while creating new equipment.

The equipment has the South Korean brand-typical durability, comfortable working conditions, fuel efficiency, and high productivity at a reasonable initial cost, making its acquisition a sensible investment in boosting company profitability. Forklifts from this brand are therefore well-liked in developing nations, including Asia-Pacific, South America, Russia, the CIS, the Middle East, and Africa.

DISD SD300 Front loader

Experts from a Chinese research and manufacturing facility created the DISD SD300 front loader. Weichai or Deutz engines that meet the Tier II eco-standard are installed in the machinery. Bridges by Jincheng, hydraulics by Parker, and gearbox by Hangchi.

The machine weighs 17,283 kg, and it comes with a bucket with a three cubic meter capacity. The tipping load is 11,300 kg, and the articulated dump height is 4,150 mm with a standard boom. The loader has a turning radius of 6,510 mm and a top speed of 38 km/h.

Various specialized buckets, including reinforced (2.7 cubic meters), expanded volume (4 cubic meters), and for ultra-light materials, are available upon further request (5 cubic meters). Moreover, two alternatives for extended booms and a reinforced one (maximum lifting height – 5,010 mm) are available. A joystick is used to control operations. There is also a floating bucket mode available.

A roomy cab with ROPS and FOPS protective systems has been created for the DISD SD300 model. In addition, air conditioning, a cushioned operator’s seat, an adjustable steering column, a revolving beacon, solid tires, etc., are also included as standard equipment.

The manufacturer has provided a full-lift hood cover with maintenance windows to make it easier to maintain the loader.

DISD Wheel Loaders Manuals PDF


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