Doosan Loaders Service, Operator’s and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Doosan Loaders BC20S-5, BC25S-5, BC25SE-5, BC30S-5, BC32S-5, DL200-5, DL200TC-5, DL220-5, DL250-5, DL250TC-5, DL280-5, DL550-5 operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Doosan BC20S-5, BC25S-5, BC25SE-5, BC30S-5, BC32S-5, B20S-5, B25S-5, B30S-5, B32S-5 Operation & Maintenance Manual [PDF] 2.6Mb Download
DOOSAN DL200-3 WHEELED LOADER Parts Manual [PDF] 3.1Mb Download
Doosan DL200-5, DL200TC-5, DL220-5, DL250-5, DL250TC-5, DL280-5, DL300-5, DL350-5, DL420-5, DL420CVT-5, DL450-5, DL550-5, DL580-5 Quick Start Manual [PDF] 1.2Mb Download
Doosan DL200-5, Dl200tc-5, Dl220-5, Dl250-5, Dl250tc-5, Dl280-5, Dl300-5, Dl350-5, Dl420-5, Dl420cvt-5, Dl450-5, Dl550-5, Dl580-5 Quick Start Manual [PDF] 1.2Mb Download
Doosan DL200A Wheel Loader Shop Manual [PDF] 43.1Mb Download
Doosan DL250 Wheel Loader Spec [PDF] 224.2kb Download
Doosan DL250 / DL250TC Operation and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 32.1Mb Download
Doosan DL550-5 Operation & Maintenance Manual [PDF] 32.5Mb Download
Doosan Mega 500-V Operation and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 10.7Mb Download
Doosan SD 310 Shop Manual [PDF] 24.4Mb Download
Doosan SKF Centralized Lubrication Systems Service Manual [PDF] 682.9kb Download

Doosan Loaders

Two series  – Mega and DL, represent DOOSAN front loaders. The MEGA lineup includes loaders, which are 7.8-29.8 tons. The volume of the bucket of these models is 1.6-5.4 cubic meters. The engine power begins with 104 hp and ends with a capacity of 335 hp. The dump depth is 60-155 mm.

Front-loaders with the DL index have a working weight from 8.7 tons to 29.8 tons. The volume of their bucket is 1.6-5.4 cubic meters. The engine power is 110-340 hp. The dummy depth varies from 42 to 120 mm.

Cars are equipped with either the DOOSAN or Cummins diesel engine. Diesel engines with cooling, turbocharged, and air intermediate heat exchanger.

The lineup comprises a hydromechanical transmission consisting of mechanical and hydraulic converters. With the help of a hydraulic converter, the speed of the machine, depending on the resistance to the swing of the wheels or the cutting edge of the bucket, is adjusted automatically.

The hinges of working tools are equipped with wear-resistant bushings.

The gearbox is fully automatic with four front gears and three reverse gears. Management is carried out using a steering wheel equipped with an electronic, hydraulic amplifier.

DOOSAN front loaders are equipped with a differential with limited slipping (LSD), which allows machines to move on soft and marshy soil.



In addition, a protective casing is installed on the cardan shaft to protect the oil seals from mechanical damage and dust.

The technique can be equipped with hinged tools: forks, plugs, bulldozer dumps, crane nozzles, asphalt cutters, sweeping brushes, etc.

Doosan front loaders are intended for excavation on soils, layouts of sites, loading of bulk and lump materials, movement of sand, gravel, and crushed stone over short distances, and installation and construction work. Machines are used, as a rule, on construction sites, in quarries, ports, and in industrial, construction, and railway warehouses. This technique is equipped with a pre-heater and can be operated in a harsh climate.

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