Doosan Engine Service, Operator’s Manual and Parts Books PDF

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Doosan Engine D1146, D1146T, DP066LA, DP066TA, DP086LA, DP086TA, DP158LC, DP158LD, DP180LA, DP180LB, DP222LA, DP222LB, DP222LC, P086TI, P086TI-1, P126TI, P126TI-II: operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & books, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Doosan Engines

Doosan is the oldest Korean corporation, founded more than 110 years ago. Currently, the Doosan combines many specialized units, including developing and producing highly rental diesel engines for generator installations, heavy-loading, and commercial and automotive equipment. On this page you can find Doosan diesel engines manuals in PDF.

Currently, the Korean company produces 24 models of modern diesel engines in the capacity range from 59 to 711 kW used to install various classes and purposes on energy generating equipment. At the same time, standard spare parts are included in the base set of delivery, and the engines can be equipped with various power control units.

Among the main characteristics of DOOSAN diesel engines, the guaranteed output capacity, high efficiency, and environmental friendliness achieved due to the ultramodern fuel injection and air injection system can be noted. In addition, Korean motors are characterized by a superficial noise level and absolute reliability and durability of work, even in the most stringent operating modes.

DOOSAN engines, previously known as Daewoo-Doosan, are produced by the South Korean giant of the same name and are used in the power technology of various manufacturers. As the main force drive, these engines use plants such as SDMO, Gesan, Tksan, Aksa, Himoinsa, and many others.

Doosan P086TI

Doosan P086TI

To understand this engine’s features, advantages, and disadvantages, it must be borne in mind that the production of DOOSAN engines began with the purchase of a licensed technology for the production of German engines MTU 183 series (joint development of MTU-Man).

Doosan Infracore diesel engines have maximum power and durability for working as part of power plants producing electricity. Diesel engines are installed in diesel generators operating in constant and reserve modes.

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