Daewoo Diesel Engine Service Maintenance Manuals PDF

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On this page you can find and download operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogs, wiring diagrams, and schematics for Daewoo Diesel Engine of trucks, forklifts, and lift trucks.

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Daewoo was a chaebol (a huge commercial conglomerate) in South Korea, but she went bankrupt in 1999. Daewoo Heavy Machinery was one of her divisions that was purchased by Doosan Heavy Industries, and as a result, several Daewoo products, such as a line of compact G25 fork loaders, were rebranded under the Doosan name. Although it may be difficult to track down detailed information on the Daewoo G25S, another model with almost identical specs was introduced, the Doosan G25; Cars are close enough that components from one may be used on the other.

The Daewoo G25S is powered by a GM-made 3.0-liter 4-cylinder engine producing 60 horsepower while running on pressurized propane. The machine has a 12-inch wheelbase and a 2-week gearbox. The top loading and unloading speeds are respectively 12.4 and 13.3 miles per hour. This loader has an automated transmission with one forward and one reverse gear.

Daewoo G25S is little over 100 inches long and 46.3 inches wide. Its protective height is just 85.9 inches, so it’s easy to store. A forklift’s tiny size and relatively modest rotating radius of 89.2 inches provide it a lot of versatility.

The greatest load that the G25 lifter can handle is 2.5 tons (5,000 pounds), and it must be centered at a height of 24 inches above the ground. The pitchfork raising mechanism (the machine’s mast) has a maximum height of 173 inches and is constructed with a triple design for superior stability. The standard attachment for this fork loader is a set of pallet forks measuring 48 inches in length, making them ideal for use with standard pallet sizes. (A 4-foot transportation tray is the de facto worldwide standard, hence this is the most frequent setup for fork loaders.)

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