Daewoo Skid Steer and Wheel Loaders Service Operation Manuals PDF

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Daewoo Skid Steer and Wheel Loaders 430, 450, 440Plus, 460Plus, Daewoo 802 Plus, DSL602, Mega 300, Mega 160, Mega 200-V, Mega 400: operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Daewoo loaders

The South Korean company Daewoo Heavy Industries Machinery Ltd. is widely known as a construction equipment manufacturer (mini-excavators and excavators on a tracked course, wheel excavators, and loaders).

As the analysis of the structure of the global market for construction equipment shows, wheeled loaders steadily occupy second place, second only to hydraulic excavators. The popularity of wheel loaders is explained by many factors, the main of which are:

  • The ratio of the real loading capacity of the loader to its mass is 2-2.5 times higher than that of hydraulic excavators;
  • the proximity of the values ​​of the coefficients of filling the bucket in a loader and an excavator, which usually amount to 0.75-0.8, less often 1.0-1.1;
  • the possibility of effective execution of excretion and loading in the slabs of low heights;
  • The specific value of the wheel loader, attributed to one cubic meter of the capacity of the bucket, is 1.5-2 times lower than that of hydraulic excavators;
  • comparability of the specific cost of developing and loading the rock and soils;
  • Higher mobility and maneuverability of a wheel loader, allowing one machine, loading, and transportation work.

On the Daewoo wheel loaders, two types of kinematic schemes are used: Z-shaped and parallel (vehicle). On loaders of the Daewoo Mega 160 and Daewoo Mega 200 models, both schemes are used, and only a Z-shaped circuit is used on loaders of higher classes.

It should be noted that the loader Daewoo MEGA 160TC and the Daewoo Mega 200-VTC can be equipped with fork equipment for working with piece loads.

According to the structure of the typical row, Daewoo loaders can be attributed to the middle category of machines for this purpose, which is intended mainly for loading work in civil, industrial, and road construction, as well as in the industry related to the prey of building materials, and in the public utility…

Daewoo MEGA 400-V and Daewoo MEGA 500-V models can be used in the mining industry for the cleaning operations of diseases and rock transshipment.

Daewoo loaders have many decisions adopted on modern loaders. These design solutions reflect the modern world’s technical level. Of the main such solutions, it should be noted:

  • The use of compact in-line diesel engines with turbocharging and intermediate cooling of inflatable air with high efficiency, a large coefficient of storage of torque, and low toxicity of exhaust gases that meet existing international standards;
  • the use of hydromechanical transmissions, including single-stage single-phase hydrotransformers with a high transformation coefficient in the range of 2.87-3.06, planetary three and 4-step gearboxes with switching, leading bridges with planetary wheeled reducers; the use of hinged-combined frames with a folding angle of half-40 °;
  • the use of the balancer suspension of the rear leading bridges with a swing angle ± 11 ° (undercuts) and hard leading front bridges (subtle bridges), ensures the accuracy of control of the machine while maintaining constant contact of tires with a supporting surface; the use of off-road wide-profile tires;
  • the use of modern hydraulic control systems for working loading equipment with a pressure of 20 MPa, allowing to achieve a short duration of the working cycle of the loader, smoothness, and accuracy of control;
  • The use of modern all-metal noise and vibration-insulated cabins with a large glazing area that provides a high level of views equipped with ventilation systems, heating and air conditioning with the filtration of the air entering the cab, as well as modern control and measuring devices, and the operator regulated by the operator. Cabins have built-in operator’s life protection systems in the case of a car overturning (ROPS system) and falling on the cabin of heavy objects (FOPS system) that meet the international ISO standards for safety.

Concerning the loaders of this company, it is necessary to note the use of a number of components of foreign production units – the Cummins QSM 11 diesel engine on the MEGA 500 -V model loader, transmission nodes (gearboxes, gearbox, leading bridges) of the German company ZF for all models.



Considering this series of loaders, it should be noted that its construction has sufficient harmony, characterized by the transition coefficient from one model to the neighboring mass from 1.23 to 1.35 at an average value of 1.28, and in power from 1.11 to 1.44 at an average value, also 1.28. Thus, a typical series of loaders is characterized by a proportional increase in the mass to power, having some imbalances inherent in the MEGA 400-V and MEGA 500-V models when the growth of energy for the MEGA 400-V loader is ahead of the evolution of its mass (when compared with the MEGA 300 model, -V), and in the MEGA 500-V loader, the development of mass is ahead of the growth of power (when compared with the MEGA 400-V model).

Thus, the Daewoo wheel loaders family meets the current technical level in the design of modern progressive technical solutions.

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