Doosan Excavators Operator’s, Service and Repair Manuals PDF

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Doosan Excavators DX225LCA, DX225LC, DX140LC operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Doosan Excavators


A crawler excavator, a recognized leader among cars of his class, and a popular DOOSAN model. The basic configuration is supplied with a bucket. The manufacturer offers additional equipment and equipment to expand the capabilities of special equipment.

It differs in relatively small sizes, which allows you to use this model in limited areas. The caterpillar excavator is designed specifically for work on weak soils, where it is impossible to attract heavy equipment. Its use is effective in the construction of dams and isthmus, career developments, and cleansing of the territory.

A special design of caterpillar tracts prevents the car’s sliding on uneven surfaces – this model can be used in areas with a slope of up to 25 degrees. Main technical characteristics:

  • mass – 34.4 tons;
  • Dimensions, m: length – 11.28; height – 3, 124; width – 3.28;
  • engine/engine power – DE12TIS/247 hp;
  • Bucket volume – 1.83 cubic meters. m;
  • radius/depth of digging – 11,16/7.53 m;
  • unloading height – 7.19 m.


A representative of a small-tonnage series on a caterpillar. The main feature and cause of popularity is the ability to work under any weather conditions in all climatic zones. In addition, due to the constructive parts of the reinforced frame, it is characterized by increased power and performance with small sizes and mass.


  • mass – 14 tons;
  • Dimensions, m: length – 7.68; height – 2.48; width – 2.59;
  • engine/engine power – DL06/56.4 hp;
  • bucket volume – 0.64 cubic meters;
  • radius/depth of digging – 8.3/5.65 m;
  • unloading height – 6.3 m.


Cosenic high-tech model of the 5th generation. High indicators of maneuverability, stability, patency, and radius of action led to high demand for this DOOSAN excavator of this modification. The machine is widely involved in the construction and production of clay and sand openly.

Caterpillar tracts are equipped with shoes that provide stability when working on steep slopes. When designing an arrow, the method of final elements was used, which two times increased the working resource of the model in comparison with representatives of previous generations.

Main characteristics:

  • mass – 41.2 tons;
  • Dimensions, m: length – 11.69; height – 3.57; width – 3.35;
  • engine/engine power – DE12TIS/281 hp;
  • engine power – 281 hp;
  • Bucket volume – 2.18 cubic meters. m;
  • radius/depth of digging – 11.52/7.72 m;
  • unloading height – 11 m.


An excavator on a pneumatic wheel is the most powerful model in his class. The dimensions of the car allow you to freely move along the roads without interference from other vehicles.

The model is most in demand during capital construction in the city and perfectly copes with the loosening of frozen soil and rocky breeds. High capacity and maximum versatility – are the main causes of the demand for the excavator of the DOOSAN DX210 W.


  • mass – 20.8 tons;
  • Dimensions, m: length – 9.4; height – 3.2; width – 2.53;
  • engine/engine power – DL06/162 hp;
  • Bucket volume – 1.17 cubic meters. m;
  • radius/depth of digging – 10/6.25 m;
  • unloading height – 7.25 m.


A popular wheeled excavator with a wide application: soil development for communication, clearing construction sites, loading bulk building materials and garbage. Additional hinged equipment (buckets, hydraulic poor, graphs, and other devices) significantly expand the capabilities of the model. The operator’s cabin is equipped with a joystick control system, which allows you to perform work with maximum accuracy. Main characteristics:

  • mass – 17.7 tons;
  • Dimensions, m: length – 8.59; height – 3.18; width – 2.49;
  • engine/engine power – DB58TIS/150 hp;
  • Bucket volume – 0.93 cubic meters. m;
  • radius/depth of digging – 9/6 m;
  • unloading height – 9 m.

The South Korean brand Doosan has long gained well-deserved popularity in both the Russian and special world vehicles. Therefore, excavators of this brand are a favorable investment, which quickly pays off due to the high efficiency and reliability of the technology.

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