Doosan Fault Codes list

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Doosan Fault Codes list

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Fault Codes ID  Malfunction/Fault Description
12  Indicates the end of a single pass through the fault list.
14 Sensor input ECT Low level usually appears if the coolant sensor wire is short on mass.
15 Sensor input ECT High level if the coolant sensor wire is disconnected or wire breakage.
16  ECT too high the temperature of the coolant, measures excessive temperature or Shorted Or on the mass sits.
22  Throttle sensor. Input signal Wire InputLo Tps1 in the cliff
23 TPS1 Throttle input sensor is short
24  The sensor of the throttle valve of the TPS. Sensor malfunction
25 Throttle temperature sensor TPS malfunction sensor
26 ETC Sensor wire etc in breakage or throttle plate sticks out inside the throttle body
27  The projected difference of TPS 1 differs from the calculated position
28 ETC early test worked. Throttle Spring return Error
29 ETC Driver Fault Current driver throttle or driver signals are short
33 Sensor low signal MAP wire in breakage or open the chip
34 High MAP signal short or sensor failure
37 IAT sensor input Low, TMAP sensor failure or short circuit
38  IAT sensor input is high, TMAP is off or IAT signal is open
42 EST 1. Low signal driver coil low or under closed on plus
43  EST 1. High or high-current excitation signal
52 Low oil pressure in the engine
53 Battery charge sensor input, low battery voltage measured below 8.0 in Dc
54 Battery sensor input high battery voltage, measured above 15.9 in Dc
55 Sensor input XDRP Low sensor level, lower 4.6 In Dc
56 Sensor input XDRP High sensor level, higher 5.2 In Dc
57  The increased speed of the engine has exceeded the given value of maximum speed of rotation
61  Pedal Sensor Input 1 What The APP1 signal is disconnected, the circuit is open or the sensor malfunctions
62  Pedal Sensor Input 1 Hi APP1 sensor error or short circuit
63 Pedal Sensor range 1 What Potentiometer APP1
64 Pedal Sensor range 1 Hi Potentiometer APP1 not working
65  Pedal Sensor input What APP2 or short-circuit sensor error
66 Pedal Sensor Input 2 Hi APP2 signal off, circuit break or sensor malfunction
67  Pedal Sensor Range 2 local malfunction of the potentiometer APP2
68  Pedal Sensor Range 2 Hi APP2 malfunction of the potentiometer
69  Pedal 1. Pedal 2. The difference of the measured signal position of the APP2 pedal differs from the APP1
71  AFR Trim Valve Output. FTV Modulation driver signal Error
72 Shut-off valve AFR lower working cycle FTV at lower limit (LEAN)
73 AFR Trim Valve -Upper working cycle DC FTV at the top (RICH) limit
74  Switching sensor O2 sensor does not switch through the voltage of the support AFR
77  Oxygen sensor input High O2 sensor signal is short on + 5 in Dc.

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