Hino 500 / Ranger Owner’s, Service and Workshop Manuals PDF

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Hino 500 / Ranger owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Hino 500-Series trucks

The Hino 500 truck belongs to the class of medium-duty trucks in the commercial segment with a gross weight of up to 12 tons. The model is produced by a subsidiary of the famous Toyota brand (PDF manuals for Toyota Forklift). Moreover, the Hino 500 is currently the most famous Japanese car in its class. Regarding the number of units sold, the truck has been among the leaders for several years.

The Hino 500 family is one of the youngest (it replaced the popular Hino Ranger model). The first generation of this car is currently being produced. Two versions of the chassis are provided for the truck, one variation of the all-metal cab and one wheel arrangement (four by two). For the convenience of the driver, there is also a place to rest.

Hino 500 is produced at the main plant located in Tokyo. Therefore it would be inappropriate to talk about the quality of the structural elements in this case. At the same time, especially for domestic customers, the series is especially finalized, increasing the fuel tank, ground clearance, and frost resistance, and rebuilding the steering.

The head of the Hino 500 is designed in a typical oriental style. It is dominated by decorative lines emanating upwards from the bumper, unusual direction indicators separated from the headlights, and wiper blades diverging in opposite directions when driving. The cabin accommodates three passengers and is quite spacious inside. Everything here is made of high-quality materials. Behind the seats, there is a compact berth. It can hardly be used for long trips, but for a short vacation, it is quite suitable. There is no unnecessary or excessive information on the dashboard. In its design, Hino 500 resembles a passenger car. The cabin demonstrates the love of Japanese specialists for compactness. At the same time, everything inside is very comfortable and harmonious, with many adjustments. What can be distinguished by the appearance of the model? It is simple and even, but the design looks outdated without Japanese hi-tech.

The scope of the car is quite wide. Most often, it is used to transport various non-food goods and building materials (usually located within several regions). The model platform allows you to install various add-ons. So, the refrigerator is suitable for transporting medicines and perishable products, where maintaining a certain temperature regime plays an important role. Onboard vehicles are used at construction sites and factories to transport various raw materials and oversized cargo. Installation of an awning or a manufactured goods booth, in this case, allows you to protect the cargo from the effects of external factors. The manipulator allows you to perform transportation and loading, and unloading operations without the involvement of specialized equipment. The Hino 500 can also be used as an auto-hydraulic lift (when installing the basket).

Specifications Hino 500

The gross weight of the Hino 500 is 12000 kg, and the load capacity varies from 7845 kg to 8030 kg. Model parameters:

  • body dimensions: length – 7100 mm, width – 2550 mm, height – 2500 mm;
  • wheelbase – 6890 mm.
  • number of axles – 2;
  • wheel formula – four by two;
  • permissible load on the front axle – 4500 kg;
  • permissible load on the rear axle – 8500 kg;
  • top speed – 139 km / h;
  • fuel tank capacity – 200 l;
  • the maximum climb to be overcome is 40.7%.

The parameters of the tires installed on the truck are 245 / 70R19.5.

Hino 500 engine

The Hino 500 is equipped with economical and, at the same time, productive 7.6-liter diesel units with a capacity of 260 hp. The diesel has a Common-Rail system with direct injection, due to which fuel economy is achieved (one of the leaders in fuel consumption in its class). The average fuel consumption per 100 km is about 21-23 liters. A capacious fuel tank allows the car to move without refueling for a long time.

Turbines with technology for changing the geometry of the exhaust part are installed on all motors. This ensures a boost over a wide rev range. In addition, Hino 500 diesel units are distinguished by an increased service life, which is ensured by the presence of an additional separator with heating and heating of the main fuel filter.

The inline 6-cylinder diesel engine is also equipped with an exhaust gas recirculation system, turbocharging, and an intercooler. It meets the stringent Euro-4 environmental class standards. The motor allows the car to be simultaneously high-torque, fast, and economical.

Characteristics of the Hino 500 model unit:

  • maximum power – 191 (260) kW (hp);
  • maximum torque – 794 Nm.

Hino 500 transmission

There are several transmission options. The main one is mechanical six-speed gearboxes of our own production, models HINO LJ06 and HINO MF06. Gears 2-6 are synchronized. The gear ratios of this gearbox are as follows: 1st Speed: 6.477; 2nd: 4.016; 3rd: 2.450; 4th: 1.470; 5th: 1,000; 6th: 0.723; reverse gear: 6.064. The final drive ratio is 4.100.

As an option, a nine-speed Eaton gearbox is available on the Hino 500. It is equipped with a so-called “slider” with a large gear ratio, and this makes it easier to start moving with a load. The HINO 500 FM dump trucks are equipped with a nine-speed transmission 9S1110 from ZF, with synchronized 2-9 gears. Gear ratios: 1st Speed: 12.278; 2nd: 8.829; 3rd: 6.281; 4th: 4.644; 5th: 3.478; 6th: 2.538; 7th: 1.806; 8th: 1.335; 9th: 1,000; reverse gear: 12.040. The final gear ratio is 5.428.

Hino 500

Hino 500

The clutch on all modifications of the truck is of the same type: dry, single-disk, diaphragm type, with pneumatic actuator and pneumatic booster.

Hino 500 Modifications and their characteristics

The following HINO 500 models are on the market, differing in gross weight: 12 tons – GD chassis; 17.5 tons – GH chassis; 26 tons – FM chassis.

The carrying capacity of these chassis modifications is: GD – 8 tons, GH – 12 tons, FM – 14.5 tons. The advantages of the 500 series include its versatility: wheelbases from 3.75 to 6.2 meters long; a wide range of possible special add-ons on the chassis.

Hino 500 Modification GD / 12 tons (7 options)

  • Chassis curb weight: 3.97 tons; 3.98 t; 4.055 t; 4.155 t; 4.1 t; 4.185 t; 4.125 tons
  • Chassis load capacity: 8.03 t; 8.02 t; 7.945 t; 7.845 t; 7.9 t; 7.815 t; 7.875 tons
  • Wheelbase: 3.75 m; 4.25 m; 4.85 m; 5.15 m
  • Overall length: 6.78 m; 7.39 m; 8.24 m; 8.74 m
  • Rear overhang: 1.7 m; 1.81 m; 2.06 m; 2.26 m
  • Chassis height rear: 0.875 m or 0.84 m.
  • Turning radius on wheels: 6.9 m; 7.7 m; 8.6 m; 9.1 m
  • Turning radius from wall to wall: 7.6 m; 8.4 m; 9.3 m; 9.8 m

For all seven options, the values ​​are the same:

  • gross weight – 12 tons;
  • load on the front axle – 3.9 tons, on the rear axle – 8.1 tons;
  • width – 2.355 m and height – 2.495 m;
  • ground clearance (by differential) – 200 mm;
  • track width: front – 1.76 m, rear – 1.69 m.
  • tire size – 265 / 70R19.5.

Hino 500 Modification GH / 17.5 tons (6 variants)

  • Chassis curb weight: 5.355 t; 5.29 t; 5.525 t; 5.355 t; 5.615 t; 5.505 tons
  • Chassis load capacity: 12.145 t; 12.21 t; 11.975 t; 12.145 t; 11.885 t; 11.995 tons
  • Wheelbase: 4.62 m; 5.51 m; 6.2 m
  • Overall length: 7.57 m; 9.46 m; 10.55 m.
  • Rear overhang: 1.91 m; 2.55 m; 2.95 m
  • Chassis height rear: 1.06 m or 1.02 m.
  • Turning radius on wheels: 7.8 m; 9.8 m; 10.9 m
  • Turning radius from wall to wall: 8.5 m; 10.5 m; 11.6 m

For all seven options, the values ​​are the same:

  • gross weight – 17.5 tons;
  • load on the front axle – 6.5 tons, on the rear axle – 11 tons;
  • width – 2.47 m and height – 2.685 m;
  • ground clearance (by differential) – 245 mm;
  • track width: front – 1.925 m, rear – 1.84 m.
  • tire size – 295 / 80R22.5.

Hino 500 Modification FM / 26 tons (three-axle dump truck)

  • Curb weight: 11.475 tons.
  • Gross weight: 26 t.
  • Load on the front axle: 6 tons, on the rear axle – 20 tons.
  • Chassis load capacity: 14.525 t (the design allows a load weight of up to 20 t).
  • Wheel formula: 6×4.
  • Wheelbase: 3.9 m + 1.3 m.
  • Overall length: 7.38 m. Width: 2.55 m. Height: 3.29 m.
  • Rear overhang: 1.915 m.
  • Chassis height rear: 1.075 m, front: 1.03 m.
  • Turning radius on wheels: 8.5 m.
  • Turning radius from wall to wall: 9.1 m.
  • Differential ground clearance: 245 mm.
  • Tire size: 295/80R22.5.

The body on HINO 500 FM dump trucks is a welded steel structure, with an automatic opening of the tailgate, heated by exhaust gases. Its volume is 16 cubic meters. Dump angle: 50%. Lifting speed – 30 seconds. The length of the body is 5 m, and the width is 2.272 m.

In the basic configuration, any of the Hino 500 options has a rich list of equipment. Among the security systems available in the database, one cannot fail to mention the pneumatic brake system, ABS, and protection of passengers and the driver in a frontal collision.

Also, in the standard version, the HINO 500 is equipped with 2-piece mirrors, an automatic cab tipping system, fog lights, a front lifting panel, a standard branded audio system, an air suspension of the driver’s seat, and a full-fledged berth. By the way, in Japan, as in many Asian countries, manufacturers sell these trucks with a regular driver’s seat – without air suspension.

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