Hino 600-Series Owners Workshop Manuals PDF

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Hino 600-Series operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Hino 600 Workshop Manual [PDF] 21Mb Download

Hino 600/640/650 series

The use of freight transport in a modern metropolis is problematic due to the mass of restrictions. In two of them – the gross vehicle weight is more than 7 tons (within the Third Ring Road), and the load capacity is up to 1 ton (in the center). The reason can also be the excessive dimensions of the car, the use of which is unacceptable for cramped city streets.

The way out of the situation can be a truck Hino 600/640/650, with a carrying capacity of 3.5 tons, the rights of category “B” or “C”. Thanks to these characteristics, the Hino 600 can be used for transportation without violating truck restrictions. According to these indicators, the Hino 600 can be classified as a city truck, which allows it to maneuver successfully in the presence of complex infrastructure in most Russian cities.

The Hino 600 truck can be the basis for starting a business in various fields of activity, primarily for delivering building and finishing materials. In addition, when fitted with an insulated body, the Hino 600 can be used to transport food and other daily commodities.

An essential point for determining the value is the Hino 600 price, which compares favorably with the cost of European and Japanese cars. In addition, the truck is completely assembled in Japan, and the service interval is 15,000 km.

Hino 600

Hino 600-series Technical Specifications

Model 600/640/650
Cabin Length Standard
Width Narrow
Dimension Length (mm) 4835/5964
Width (mm) 1857
Height (mm) 2116
Wheelbase (mm) 2525/3400
Gearbox MKPP-5
Ground clearance (mm) 200
Overhang Front (mm) 1075
Rear (mm) 1860
Vehicle’s curb weight (kg.) 2090/2165
Maximum permissible mass (kg.) 3500/5500
Chassis load capacity (kg.) 3410/3335
Average fuel consumption (l/100 km.) 16
Fuel tank volume (l) 70/100/100
Engine Model N04C-TI Euro-4 турбодизель
Volume (cc) 4000
Power (hp) 150
Max. torque (kg*m) 40
Suspension Spring
Bridgestone Tires Front 7.00XR16 – 10 PR
Behind 7.00XR16 – 10 PR


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