IHI Mini Excavator Service, Operator’s and Parts Manuals PDF

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Discover a comprehensive collection of IHI mini excavator manuals, including the ihi 35n, 28n, 35j, 35nx, and 18j service manuals. Find essential information for operation, maintenance, and repair of your IHI mini excavator. Download now and optimize your excavator’s performance!

Title File Size Download Links
IHI 12VXE Mini Excavator Operation Manual [PDF] 7.9Mb Download
IHI 14NXT / 16NXT / 18NXT Technical Specification [PDF] 579.8kb Download
IHI 15VX Mini Excavator Operation Manual [PDF] 13.9Mb Download
IHI 17VX3 Service Manual [PDF] 9Mb Download
IHI 17VXE Operation Manual [PDF] 9.1Mb Download
IHI 17VXE Technical Specification [PDF] 575.9kb Download
IHI 20NX / 25NX Technical Specification [PDF] 1.4Mb Download
IHI 25J / 28J / 30J Service Manual [PDF] 3.4Mb Download
IHI 25V4 Parts Catalog [PDF] 6.1Mb Download
IHI 25VX3 Operation Manual [PDF] 5.2Mb Download
IHI 28N / 35N Technical Specification [PDF] 1.3Mb Download
IHI 30V4 Excavator Parts Manual [PDF] 7.3Mb Download
IHI 30VX / 35VX / 40VXL / 50VX / 55VX / 65VX / 80VX Technical Specification [PDF] 3.4Mb Download
IHI 35N / 55N Technical Specification [PDF] 1Mb Download
IHI 35N3 Mini Excavator Operation Manual [PDF] 6.2Mb Download
IHI 35N3 / 55N3S / 80NX3 / CL35S Technical Specification [PDF] 1.1Mb Download
IHI 35V4 Excavator Parts Manual [PDF] 7.4Mb Download
IHI 45V4 Parts Catalog [PDF] 7.9Mb Download
IHI 55N3 Mini Excavator Operation Manual [PDF] 4.2Mb Download
IHI 55V4 Parts Catalog [PDF] 6.4Mb Download
IHI 60V4 Excavator Parts Manual [PDF] 7.3Mb Download
IHI 9NX Service Manual [PDF] 4.1Mb Download
IHI 9VX Technical Specification [PDF] 568.9kb Download
IHI 9VX3 Service Manual [PDF] 3.1Mb Download
IHI 9vxe Operator’s Manual [PDF] 7.1Mb Download
IHI HD85V4 Parts Catalog [PDF] 10.1Mb Download
IHI IC120 Operation Manual [PDF] 3.9Mb Download
IHI IC50 Mini Excavator Operation Manual [PDF] 2.8Mb Download
IHI IHIMER CARRY 107 Operation Manual [PDF] 3.6Mb Download

The IHI trademark is owned by the Japanese construction equipment manufacturer IHI Construction Machinery Limited, which is currently part of the IHI Group.

Equipment manufactured under the IHI brand:

  • crawler excavators;
  • mini excavators;
  • mini loaders;
  • dumpers (mini dump trucks);
  • crawler cranes;
  • concrete pumps.

IHI Mini Excavator Manual PDF

This comprehensive list of IHI mini excavator PDF manuals provides invaluable information to professionals and enthusiasts involved with IHI mini excavators. These manuals cater to various IHI models and address a wide range of topics, ensuring that users are well-equipped with the knowledge to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot their machinery.

The IHI 12VXE, 15VX, 17VXE, and 35N3 Mini Excavator Operation Manuals offer step-by-step guidance on the proper operation of these specific machines, including safety precautions, controls, and routine maintenance procedures. The IHI 9vxe Operator’s Manual and IC50 Mini Excavator Operation Manual follow a similar format for their respective models.

Technical specifications for several IHI mini excavators can be found in the 14NXT / 16NXT / 18NXT, 20NX / 25NX, 28N / 35N, 35N / 55N, 30VX / 35VX / 40VXL / 50VX / 55VX / 65VX / 80VX, and 35N3 / 55N3S / 80NX3 / CL35S manuals. These documents provide critical information on each model’s engine types, dimensions, and performance capabilities.

Service manuals, such as the 17VX3, 25J / 28J / 30J, 9NX, and 9VX3, provide detailed instructions for diagnosing and repairing issues that may arise with these mini excavators. In addition, the IHI 35N, 28N, 35J, 35NX, and 18J service manuals serve similar purposes for their respective models.

Parts catalogs and manuals, like the 25V4, 30V4, 35V4, 45V4, 55V4, 60V4, and HD85V4, are essential resources for identifying, ordering, and replacing necessary components for specific IHI mini excavators.

These manuals can help answer the following questions:

  1. What engine is in an IHI excavator? 
  2. How much does an IHI mini excavator weigh? 
  3. How much does an IHI 25vx3 weigh?
  4. How much does an IHI 55 weigh?
  5. How much does an IHI 9 mini excavator weigh? 

In summary, this extensive list of IHI mini excavator PDF manuals serves as a one-stop resource, providing all the essential information needed to operate, maintain, and repair these versatile machines.

IHI Mini Excavator Service Manuals PDF


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  1. jim slayton

    looking for operator’s manual for IHI 30 VX mini excavator.

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    I am looking for a parts and service manual for an ihi 30nx. The only number I find on the under carrage in T-9-6-30. I would appreciate any help in locating the manual

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    Hi looking for a service, repair and parts manual for an IHI 80NX3 excavator


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