Kaiser Walking Excavator Technical Manuals, Specifications and Data PDF

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The technical manuals offer valuable insights and detailed specifications on a variety of Kaiser models, including the S12 Allroad, S10 Allroad, S2 4×4 Gator Mobile, S2 Monile, S22 Road-Rail, and S8 / S8 Allroad excavators.

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Kaiser S12 Allroad / S10 Allroad Technical Specifications [PDF] 4Mb Download
Kaiser S2 4×4 Gator Mobile Walking Excavator Technical Data [PDF] 433.2kb Download
Kaiser S2 Monile Walking Excavator General arrangement drawing [PDF] 273kb Download
Kaiser S2 Monile Walking Excavator Technical Specifications [PDF] 8.5Mb Download
Kaiser S22 Road-Rail Excavator Technical Specifications [PDF] 2Mb Download
Kaiser S8 / S8 Allroad Technical Specifications [PDF] 2.4Mb Download

KAISER AG is a Liechtenstein-based, family-run business. Established in 1913, the company has expanded from its initial location in Liechtenstein to include branches in Italy, Finland, Austria, Slovakia, and the United States. The company primarily manufactures mobile walking excavators, pumps and components, and vehicles for sewage and industrial waste removal and disposal. KAISER trucks are currently in use in over a thousand cities throughout 116 countries. The company has expanded its footprint in the global market and is now a significant player in that arena.

Kaiser S1 and S2 Technical Specs

The Kaiser’s S1 and S2 single-bucket excavators use the company’s first-ever walking-type undercarriage. These vehicles are useful for logging, mechanized excavation, and loading and unloading in confined spaces. In addition, these machines are employed in places where regular construction shovels cannot go, such as mountainous terrain, marshes, rivers, and logging.

The S1 excavator is outfitted with a backhoe. Successfully loading crushed rocks is made possible by its unique undercarriage, which features pneumatic wheels (all driving wheels) and long outriggers leaning on piles of stones.

Main parameters of excavator S1:

  • maximum digging depth, m 4.7
  • maximum digging radius, m 6.7
  • maximum digging height, m 7.6
  • operating weight, t 9

The excavator is powered by a diesel engine, which operates three pumps at 2200 rpm to generate 51 kW of hydraulic power. End shock absorbers are built into the hydraulic cylinders.

Hydraulic motors and two-stage planetary gearboxes with an oil-immersed friction brake power the mechanism’s motion. There are no discrete speed increments, and the machine can reach speeds of up to 7 km/h.

The hydraulic motor, planetary gear, and friction-holding brake make up the turntable’s rotating mechanism.

The excavator has various attachments, including a double-wing grab, ripper teeth, a hydraulic winch, a mower, and a range of different-sized buckets (300, 400, 600, and 800 mm). The telescoping section of the excavator’s handle allows for the working height to be adjusted, and when it is retracted, the platform’s turning radius is greatly improved. In addition, quick couplings make it easy to switch out pieces of machinery without interrupting production.

The S1 excavator’s capability of extensively extending its legs contributes to its greater stability and dependable operation. In addition, the machines can be used effectively in a wide range of environments thanks to their lightweight design and enhanced engine power. Its cutting-edge, roomy cabin makes this easier, which provides the operator with pleasant working conditions and sensible ergonomic settings.

The S2 excavator is a 12-ton machine that can be used in the logging industry. Like the Sl excavator, this machine may be fitted with a wide range of implements. The S2 excavator’s innovative undercarriage allows it to climb up to 60% of slopes without using a winch and traverse the forest floor without a hitch. The winch has a 200-meter rope that is constantly taut thanks to forced winding.

The full spectrum of logging tasks, including falling and sawing trees with a diameter of up to 50 cm, trimming, and loading, are all within reach with the help of specialized operating equipment with a range of up to 11 m. Adding a universal oscillating head improves the efficiency of the S2 and S1 excavators. The sway head, bucket, and other tools (chipper, drill, etc.) can be spun up to 70 degrees in any direction thanks to a hydraulic slewing drive. The head is practically indestructible and needs little upkeep.

Automobiles include four-wheel drive. Telescopic legs that don’t require any stair- or terrace-climbing are a godsend. The ROPS or FOPS equipment installed in the operator cab is there to keep workers safe.

Kaiser Walking Excavator Manuals PDF

This comprehensive collection of PDF documents provides a wealth of information on Kaiser walking excavators, often referred to as spider excavators, due to their unique design and capabilities. The technical manuals offer valuable insights and detailed specifications on various Kaiser models, including the S12 Allroad, S10 Allroad, S2 4×4 Gator Mobile, S2 Monile, S22 Road-Rail, and S8 / S8 Allroad excavators. By downloading these PDF files, you can access abundant data, including dimensions, weights, performance characteristics, and general arrangement drawings.

With their unique spider-like design, Kaiser walking excavators offer unparalleled capabilities in challenging environments. By downloading the technical manuals available in PDF format, users can access essential information on a range of Kaiser models, including weight, dimensions, and performance characteristics. This knowledge can help guide decision-making when selecting the most appropriate model for a given project. So, don’t hesitate to explore these resources and unlock the full potential of Kaiser walking excavators.

Kaiser Walking Excavator Technical Manuals PDF

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