Mercedes-Benz Truck Engine Workshop, Service Manuals and Fault Codes PDF

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Mercedes-Benz Truck Engine OM422, OM366LA, OM904LA, OM502LA, OM457LA, OM501LA, OM906LA, OM900, OM501, OM471 owner’s, operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Mercedes Trucks Engine Manuals PDF

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Mercedes Trucks Fault Codes PDF

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Mercedes OM422 engine

Mercedes-OM422 Benz’s ICE is a commendable solution to the need of Germany’s political elite that trucks have at least eight horsepower under the hood for every ton of gross weight.

The engine has widespread use in various vehicles and machinery due to its high-quality technical attributes. That is, whenever an answer to the issue of insufficient electricity is required.

The Mercedes OM422 engine is notable for its strong power output even at very low engine speeds. In addition, these systems include turbocharging technology, which allows for more output with a reduced-volume engine.

Mercedes OM366LA engine

Mercedes-Benz produces diesel engines with the designation “OM 366.” The engine is four-stroke, and it has a displacement of 5958 cc or 360 cu in. It represents a batch of 300 machines that went into production just after WWII ended. In 1984, the OM366LA was introduced to the market as a replacement for the OM362A, a 6-cylinder engine capable of producing 120 horsepower.

Mercedes OM904LA engine

Powering Mercedes-Benz Atego trucks with payload capacities between 6.5 and 15 tons are OM904LA engines manufactured in Germany by Mercedes. This motor has the power and efficiency to meet all operating requirements.

These motors include four in-line cylinders with a combined capacity of 4.25 liters. Power may be anything from 102 to 177 hp, depending on the configuration. These internal combustion engines have low fuel consumption and high traction ratio compared to their contemporaries because of their superior volume-to-power ratio.

Mercedes OM502LA engine

Mercedes Actros trucks use engines from the Mercedes OM 502 series, designed in Germany. Later, however, they became standard equipment in a variety of vehicle types, including those produced by other automakers. Both the power output and fuel efficiency of these engines is exceptional. As a result, they are fully capable of carrying out their duties, whether in a bustling city or during a lengthy car ride.

The OM502LA engine has been tested, is very fuel efficient, and conforms to the Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission regulations. All three 15.9-liter V8s in the lineup produce anywhere from 375 kW (510 horsepower) and 440 kW (600 hp) (598 hp).

Mercedes OM457LA engine

Three high-powered and fuel-efficient 12-liter OM 457 engines are available. These engines produce 315 kW (428 hp), 295 kW (401 hp), and 260 kW (400 hp) (354 hp). The OM457LA engine meets the standards for EURO emission class -5. Its great power, low fuel consumption, and long engine life (up to 1 million kilometers) all make for a good balance.

Due to the engine’s ability to produce its peak torque output at very low RPMs, it uses relatively little gasoline. In addition, fuel injection at a greater pressure, made possible by electronically controlled injectors, improves combustion efficiency.

Mercedes OM501LA engine

Engineers at the factory created the OM501LA engine specifically for the Mercedes Actros trucks which they consider to be the pinnacle of the company’s product line. The model’s 501 diesel engine is notable for its tremendous power and low fuel usage. In addition, an internal combustion engine with six cylinders is very dependable and can go for extended periods without needing to be serviced.

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Six V-shaped cylinders make up the Mercedes OM501LA engine. The medium-duty vehicles are where it shines. The water-based cooling system is paired with an engine displacement of 11.9.

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