Mercedes-Benz Zetros Service and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Mercedes-Benz Zetros owner’s, operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Mercedes Benz Zetros Manual PDF

Mercedes Benz Zetros is a time-tested, reliable, and productive truck that can work in difficult operating conditions and overcome almost any obstacle. First introduced in 2008 and still in demand.

The model is distinguished by the convenient location of the engine, all-terrain qualities, and powerful traction.

The developer of the Zetros truck is the German company Mercedes Benz. The car replaced the outdated version of the S2000, produced in 2002 in Hungary. The first presentation took place in 2008. At the same time, the car was presented in Paris at an exhibition of military equipment and an international motor show.

In 2009, the developers added an automatic transmission and released a civilian version. During its production, Zetros has been constantly refined and improved. At the same time, several main models were released on the market:

  • 1833 A (4 * 4) – 2-axle truck with a mass of 16.5 to 18 tons and the ability to lift loads to 9.9 tons;
  • Mercedes Benz Zetros 2733 A – a machine with a wheelbase of 6 * 6, three axles, and a weight of 25 to 27 tons, a load capacity of 16.5 tons.
  • 2743 (6*6) – 3-axle truck with a wheelbase of 5.05 m + 1.45 m and weighing more than 27 tons.

By the way, the latest version appeared in 2017, and there were no new models after it.

One of the key advantages of the Mercedes-Benz Zetros truck is its wide range of applications. It is used in the following areas:

  1. Energy. It is used for constructing, constructing, repairing, and maintaining electrical networks.
  2. Agriculture. Due to its all-terrain qualities, the truck is often used in fields for harvesting.
  3. Fire and rescue sector. Transport is used to eliminate the consequences of hurricanes and other natural phenomena.
  4. Construction. The modular system of the truck allows it to be used for construction work with strict safety requirements.
  5. Mining sector. Mercedes Benz Zetros 6×6 vehicles are often used in mining to extract minerals.
  6. Communal sphere. With the onset of cold weather, the communal sector needs transport characterized by increased durability and the ability to perform tasks even in icy conditions.
  7. Travel and expeditions. The truck is often used for trips out of town and, if desired, just camping.
Mercedes Benz Zetros Manual PDF

Mercedes Benz Zetros

Also, the machine is used in the oil production field for transporting passengers and dangerous goods, when performing drilling operations, as a tow truck, a mobile generator – all of its capabilities cannot be listed.

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