MID163 ICU Volvo Immobilizer Control Unit Fault Codes

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Deciphering the diagnostic trouble codes of the MID163 ICU Volvo immobilizer control units

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MID 163 PID 224


Immobilizer Protection Code


FMI 2   Incorrect response from the engine control unit. The engine control unit and the immobilizer unit are not compatible. In the immobilizer unit installed on the vehicle or in the engine control unit, the program does not match the program for this chassis number.

FMI 12   There is no communication between the immobilizer unit and the engine control unit. Error in SAE information channel J1708 or engine control unit faulty.

MID 163 SID 1


Antenna immobilizer (installed on the ignition)


FMI 12   No signal from antenna. Damaged or oxidized pins in connectors, external signal distortion or faulty antenna

MID 163 SID 2


Protection Responder (installed in the ignition key)


FMI 2   Wrong response from the defendant. Incorrect or faulty transponder, there are several transponders near the antenna, the transponder is not programmed in the key, or external signal distortion is present.

FMI 12   The immobilizer unit does not receive responses from the defendant. Incorrect or faulty transponder. The antenna may be faulty.

MID 163 SID 250


SAE J1708 data feed


FMI 2   Conflict of transmitted messages through the data information channel. several blocks transmit messages simultaneously.

FMI 12   High traffic information channel. Damaged or oxidized pins in connectors, broken or partial damage to the wires of the data channel. Perhaps one of the control units is faulty.

MID 163 SID 253


Gauge memory, EEPROM


FMI 2   The memory circuit in the immobilizer unit is defective or an error occurred while programming the data set.

FMI 13   Error in the key data or a defective memory circuit in the immobilizer unit.

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