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Volvo Excavator Volvo EC140D, EC160D, EC220D, EC210B, EC330B, EC460b, EC700b, EC360b, EWR150E, EWR170E, EXC210B LC owner’s, operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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The Swedish concern Volvo is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of trucks, automotive and special equipment. The company’s products are distinguished by reliability and high-quality workmanship. Therefore, it is not surprising that Volvo excavators enjoy well-deserved popularity in almost all developed countries.

The Volvo wheeled several models represent the excavator range. Two of them are the most popular.

Volvo BL-61

The backhoe loader Volvo BL61 belongs to the universal special equipment. Its distinctive features are:

  • compact dimensions;
  • two types of a bucket – standard and multifunctional;
  • completion of the working unit with an additional hydraulic circuit and a mechanical lock;
  • Equipping with additional interchangeable equipment in the form of a hydraulic hammer, forklift, brush, snow plow, and crane boom.

Volvo BL-71

The Volvo BL-71 backhoe loader has a device similar to the one described above, the purpose, and the complete set of replaceable equipment. It has more weight and performance. Additional features of the machine are:

  • > more powerful engine;
  • hydraulic system with automatic load control, equipped with variable displacement axial piston type pump;
  • an information system called VolvoCareTrack allows you to determine the location of equipment at any time.

The range of Volvo-tracked excavators includes even more models. The most popular of them are described below.

Volvo EC140

A versatile crawler excavator that combines cost-effective operation with excellent performance. The salient features of the technology are as follows:

  • the low noise level during operation;
  • minimum fuel consumption;
  • Centronics electrical system.

Volvo EC160

A more powerful model of a caterpillar excavator from the Swedish concern. Almost all the machine characteristics exceed those described above for the Volvo EC140.

Volvo EC210

When the Volvo EC210 excavator appeared on the market, the model was equipped with an American Cummins engine. Later, the excavator began to install its power plant, D6DEFE2. The salient features of the technology are:

  • QuickCoupler system used for attachments;
  • upgraded cab with increased noise insulation and special supports with hydrodamping;
  • 3-stage air cleaner;
  • ASWM hydraulic control system.

BTW, on this page you can find and download Volvo 210 Excavator Service Manual in PDF.

Volvo 210 Excavator Service Manual

Volvo EC210

Volvo EC240

A distinctive feature of the Volvo 240 crawler excavator is many modifications. As a result, machine specifications vary greatly. Otherwise, the model’s equipment has not changed much compared to the Volvo 210. Volvo 240 Excavator Manual is available on this page in PDF.

Volvo EC360

The Volvo 360 belongs to the middle class of tracked excavators. The machine is equipped with two undercarriages and a D10B diesel engine. The salient features of the model are as follows:

  • driver’s cab CareCab, additionally equipped with a system of increased comfort and safety ROPS;
  • CareTrack telemetry system, which from a certain moment began to be equipped with all Volvo special equipment;
  • serious value of the recycling parameter equal to 95%;
  • hydraulics with two pumps.

Volvo EC480

The Volvo EC480 crawler excavator is classified as heavy earthmoving equipment. During the development of the machine, the following innovations were introduced:

  • electronic pump with built-in ecological mode;
  • automatic idle system;
  • five modes of operation of the engine, which are controlled by adjusting the throttle valve;
  • automatic shutdown of the power plant.

BTW, on this page you can find and download Volvo 480 Excavator Manual  in PDF.

Advantages and disadvantages of Volvo Exvataors

The main argument in favor of the decision to buy a Volvo excavator is the equipment’s impressive technical and operational characteristics. Important additional advantages of the products of the Swedish concern are:

  • excellent build quality and used components, assemblies, and parts;
  • Long service life due to which second-hand Volvo excavators are trendy;
  • practicality in operation;
  • minimum maintenance requirements and ease of maintenance, including centralization of lubrication points;
  • efficiency in work and, first of all, fuel consumption;
  • a combination of cross-country ability, maneuverability, and a fairly high speed of movement, characteristic of most models;
  • Short working cycle, which is complemented by high productivity of equipment;
  • stability in the process of work and movement;
  • Comfortable and safe working conditions for the driver.

An important advantage of special equipment is the highest quality of Volvo excavators.

In addition to the excellent technical characteristics of Volvo excavators, the convenient layout of almost all models of earthmoving equipment deserves a separate and more detailed description. It is expressed in providing free access to the engine, as well as the central working units of the machine. For quick maintenance, just open the hood and special hatches.

Another significant advantage of Volvo equipment is the variety of equipment. Including – metal platforms and anti-slip pads that ensure compliance with safety regulations even in the most challenging weather conditions or in low light

Another disadvantage of Volvo equipment is the high cost of new excavators. But the need to incur severe purchase costs is fully offset by a more impressive and long list of advantages of the Swedish concern’s products.

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