Ebro Tractors: Service, Repair and Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Ebro Tractors: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

Title File Size Download Links
Ebro 155E / 160E / 470 / 684E Series Tractor Workshop Manual [PDF] 93.3Mb Download
Ebro 178 Technical Specifications [PDF] 211.2kb Download
Ebro 44 Diesel 1960 Operator’s and Maintenance Manual [PDF] 58Mb Download
Ebro 6090 Maintenance Manual [PDF] 94.4Mb Download
Ebro A 21L, A 30L Owner’s Manual [PDF] 10.7Mb Download
EBRO SUPER 55 Manual Cambio Filtros [PDF] 127.8kb Download
Ebro Super Operating Instructions [PDF] 25.1Mb Download
Ebro Super p5 maintenance Manual [PDF] 25.3Mb Download
Ebro Trade2.0 Operating Instructions [PDF] 4.5Mb Download

Ebro Tractor Manuals PDF

EBRO is a Spanish firm that not only produces tractors and engines, but also automobiles, vans, and off-road vehicles.

After the Spanish government had taken control of Ford Motor Iberica S.A., the company changed its name to Motor Ibérica S.A. in 1954. This year also marks the beginning of the company.

Installation of vehicles under license and using Ford components between the years 1954 and 1965

In 1955, manufacturing of the Fordson Major tractors, which were manufactured under the Fordson brand and marketed as the EBRO 38 in Spain, got underway in Barcelona.

1955: The Super Ebro tractor, which was based on the Fordson Super tractor, was introduced.

1965: manufacturing of tractors and diesel engines based on Massey Ferguson and Perkins licenses begins; the facilities in Barcelona make tractors and vehicles, and the ones in Madrid produce engines.

1973 saw the beginning of Elbro’s manufacturing of the Valpadan mini subtitles, which were sold under that company’s name.

1979 marks the year that Massey Ferguson completed the sale of 36% of its Japanese shares to Nissan Motor Company. Despite this, the company continued to provide Nissan with both manufacturing and technical assistance until 1986.

1980 saw the introduction of the EBRO 6000 series of tractors.

Nissan makes the decision in the year 986 to sell the manufacturing section of farm tractors to Kubota. Ebro Kubota S.A. was established in 1986 and had three stockholders at the time: Motor Ibérica (80%), Kubota (15%), and Marubeni (5%). The Ebro Kubota tractor manufacturer will move its headquarters to Cuatro Vientos in Madrid, which has the capacity to produce up to 8,000 units per year. Kubota has committed to acquiring more and more of Motor Ibéric’s shares over time.

1988 saw the introduction of brand new 8000 EBRO-KUBOT tractors, all of which used Perkins engines capable of producing up to 135 horsepower.

1989 saw the beginning of fitting Elbro Kubota tractors with engines manufactured by Nissan.

1991 saw the debut of the brand-new Elbro Kubota H 100 series.

Tractors from the Kubota K1 series that were manufactured in 1991 had 6-cylinder Nissan B6.60 engines that had an output range of 125 to 165 horsepower.

On April 6, 1994, Kubota announced that they will be closing its manufacturing located in Madrid at Cuatro Vientos.

Ebro Tractors Service Manuals PDF

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