Goodsense Forklifts: Workshop, Repair and Service Manuals PDF

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Goodsense Forklifts: owner’s, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Goodsense 1-1,8t Battery Counter-balanced Forklift Parts Manual [PDF] 29Mb Download
Goodsense 1-3 t Forklift Truck Maintenance & Operator’s Manual [PDF] 2.2Mb Download
Goodsense 1,5-1,8 tonne Electric Forklift Truck Spare Parts Catalog [PDF] 8.8Mb Download
Goodsense 2-3.5 Counter-balanced Forklift Parts Manual [PDF] 61.8Mb Download
Goodsense 2-3.5t ICB Forklift Truck Parts Manual [PDF] 25.5Mb Download
Goodsense 3t – 3,5t Battery Counter-balanced Forklift Parts Manual [PDF] 32.7Mb Download
Goodsense 4,0 – 4,5t ICB Forklift Truck Parts Manual [PDF] 24.6Mb Download
Goodsense FD30 3t Technical Specifications [PDF] 613.8kb Download
Goodsense Gas Wiring Schematic [PDF] 126.5kb Download
Goodsense Service and Operation Manual [PDF] 69.9kb Download

Goodsense Forklift Manuals PDF

When it comes to forklift production, Goodsense is among the newer companies. Although it just started out in 2006, the firm has already seen remarkable growth. The business cranks out about 10,000 pieces of machinery every year thanks to cutting-edge manufacturing and a pool of highly trained workers.

Becoming Goodsense

The province of Zhejiang, known as the “Chinese Silicon Valley,” was the site of the first Goodsense factory. There, Goodsense shares space with other warehousing equipment powerhouses like Heli and HC.

Zhejiang Goodsense Forklift Co., Ltd. is a privately held company that manufactures forklifts. To build a sturdy sea embankment, a lot of time and effort had to be put in. The current sites of Goodsense’s 100,000 square meter-plus factory space are:

There are three hangars where equipment is constructed (70% of the space), a forklift test site, an office building with five stories, and a sports field where workers may unwind.

Only over 5,000 employees are employed by Goodsense, which is a rather small team. But this also involves top-tier Chinese designers and engineers, while Japanese experts oversee production at the assembly facility. The top engineers in Asia have come together to create new, cutting-edge technologies that will benefit both big and small companies.

The machinery used in the Goodsense assembly lines consists of both in-house designs and imported equipment. We employ components sourced from Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, and Germany in our final product.

It exports more than 80% of its produced goods to several other nations.

While Goodsense has the ability to produce 16,000 automobiles annually, they are only producing 8,000 per year. The bulk of the inventory consists of forklifts. Machines may transport anything from one to forty-five tons.

Overview of Goodsense Technology

Products from this manufacturer’s forklift line fall into one of four classes, each representing a different choice of engine power.

1. Diesel

Two series, G and T, are used to depict them. When comparing models from various series that have the same load capacity, there is little to no variation in the geometry between them (for example, in dimensions). On the other hand, the engine’s power and brand make a difference in how quickly the weight can be lifted and how quickly it can be turned. Use the FD30 model as an example to compare the G and T series’ features:

Lifting speed under load: 550/440 mm/s ICE power: 35.4/39 kW Engine type: QUANCHAI (China)/ISUZU Outer turning radius: 2440/2520 mm (Japan)

Goodsense diesel loaders can carry loads weighing anywhere between 1 and 48 tons. Range of possible lifting heights: 3 m to 6 m. Goodsense FD15G is the most well-liked version (load capacity – 1500 kg, lifting height – 3 m; G-series)

2. Gasoline

The vehicle has a NISSAN powerplant (Japan). Move anything between 1 and 10 tons up to a height of 6 meters.

3. Gasoline

Powered by a 56 kW engine manufactured by General Motors (USA). They can raise loads of up to 3 meters in height and operate with weights of up to 7 tons.

4. Electrical

Plan for enclosed environments. European environmental standards have been met or exceeded in both the engine and the traction battery (which may store between 490 and 800 Ah).

When it comes to lifting capability, Goodsense electric forklifts may be either three-wheeled (up to 2 tons) or four-wheeled (up to 6 tons). Height of lift – up to 6 m.

Goodsense sells a wide variety of products, including warehouse loaders:

The airport’s large diesel and electric loaders can haul up to 48 and 12 tons, respectively, while the side-loading loaders can handle up to 10 tons. There are also airfield tractors that can move planes around the airport (rotators, buckets, positioners, roll grabs, etc.).

To those who say that bad quality is to blame for the low cost of Chinese technology, Goodsense provides evidence to the contrary. If you want to boost warehouse production and revenue, investing in a Goodsense forklift is a smart move.

Goodsense Forklifts: Service, Workshop and Maintenance Manuals PDF

Goodsense FD30

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