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Hyundai Forklift HBF15 / 18T-5, HBF20 / 25 / 30 / 32-7, HBF20 / 25 / 30C-7, 20BH / 25BH / 30BH-7, 100D / 120D / 135D / 160D-7 , 80D-7E , HDF 50-7S, HDF 70-7S operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Hyundai Forklifts

South Korean special equipment is valued for its reliability and durability. Increasingly, forklifts from Hyundai began to be found in warehouses and workshops.

Hyundai forklifts are special equipment created in accordance with modern quality and reliability requirements.

They perform their functions equally well at any ambient temperature.

They can be used in open areas and in containers, in heated and unheated storage, and on industrial premises.

The classification of Hyundai forklifts is no different from other brands.

The main criterion for belonging to a particular class is the engine type: electric, gasoline, or diesel.

Hyundai diesel forklifts

Machines with a diesel engine are characterized by high manufacturability and power.

The class has its own “classification”:

  • by carrying capacity;
  • along the lifting radius;
  • by engine power.

Key Benefits of Hyundai Diesel Forklifts

The main advantage of vehicles running on diesel fuel is its low consumption.

The second advantage is a well-thought-out control system. In the work process, the operator constantly receives information about the state of the mechanisms (all the necessary information is displayed on display).

An important role in the popularity of diesel cars is operation safety. The operator is reliably protected from all kinds of dangers: for example, a strong steel grating prevents him from being accidentally injured by the load.

Ease of management gives additional comfort. Among the many elements that determine the unit’s ergonomics, power steering and shock absorbers are of great importance.

Gasoline forklifts Hyundai (seventh series)

A distinctive feature of loaders of this class is the simplicity of design. This fact has a great influence on reducing the maintenance cost of the machine.

Now a new modification has appeared – the 7A series. The new series of loaders meet the Tier 4 standard in terms of emission cleanliness.

The manufacturer claims that there are currently no analogs for these models on the European market.

The series already has four models with a carrying capacity:

  • 3.5 t;
  • 4.0 t;
  • 4.5 t;
  • 5.0 tons

But the company doesn’t stop there.

It already has a new model of this series (33L-7A) with a load capacity of 3.3 tons and is about to start mass production of the 50L-7A loader.

Features of the Forklift model range

Independent mutual arrangement of the front axle and gearbox. The design of the loader is supplemented by an intermediate shaft, through which the front axle is driven.

Thanks to this technical solution, a vibration was eliminated during the operation of the power engine (which had a positive effect on the comfort of the operator). In addition, the procedure for servicing the machine has been greatly simplified: now, the gearbox and front axle can be serviced independently of each other.

New hand brake design. Now, this mechanism has been removed from the front axle. Its design is an oil-immersed disc brake mounted in front of the differential (on the shaft).

Equipping all models of the new series with the OPPS system, which controls the presence of the operator at the workplace. In case of its absence, the control functions of the hydraulic system of the loader and its movement are blocked.

Hyundai Electric Forklifts

Hyundai electric forklifts are used for loading and unloading operations in areas where the use of diesel and gasoline vehicles is not allowed. These include:

  • small rooms with low ceilings or containers;
  • Production and storage areas of enterprises in the food, pharmaceutical, and other industries, where special requirements are imposed on air purity.

Hyundai electric forklifts are structurally divided into two groups:

  • three-wheels (or twiggy);
  • four-wheels.

Hyundai 15VT-7 Forklift

A typical representative of three-wheel machines, Hyundai 15VT-7, refers to light loaders. The rear wheel support is made of dual wheels.

This design, in the presence of reliable disc brakes, allows you to perform steep turning radii and easily overcome inclined planes.

Three-wheels machines are highly maneuverable, so they are happy to use in cramped conditions.

The loader is equipped with two electric motors. Their power is perfectly balanced with the capacity of the batteries.

ZAPI controller with a self-diagnostic LCD display enables the operator to choose the optimal modes for the task assigned to him.

The power of the power motor is 4.4 kW, and the lifting motor is 15.8 kW.

The loader can reach speeds up to 17 km/h. Its maximum carrying capacity is 1.5 tons; the lifting height is 3.3 meters.

The battery capacity is 5.5 Ah.

Hyundai 30D-7SA

Hyundai 30D-7SA

Hyundai 22V-7 Forklift

This series includes small four-wheels loaders with a reinforced one-piece frame.

Thanks to this, the carrying capacity of the machine has increased (compared to tricycles with engines of the same power).

Three asynchronous electric motors are installed on the loader. Two of them are used for maneuvering, and the third is used for lifting cargo.

The power of one electric traction motor is 7.8 kW, and the lifting motor is 18 kW.

The battery capacity reaches 660 Ah.

The loader can develop speed:

  • 18 km/h – without load;
  • 17 km/h – loaded.

The machine can lift a maximum weight of 2.2 tons to a height of 3.3 meters.

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