International PayStar 5500/5600i/5900i Service Manuals and Wiring Diagrams PDF

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International PayStar 5500/5600i/5900i operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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International 5000-Series Paystar trucks

Trucks like the International 5000 Paystar are built to withstand harsh environments. These trucks have a wide variety of cranes and industrial installations, including specific chassis for geological research devices and drilling equipment, dump bodies with carrying capacities of 20 to 40 tons, and concrete mixers with capacities of up to 11 meters of cubic solution. Moreover, International Paystar 5000 trucks are often seen providing unsweetened service in many fire departments.

Each truck in this series is unique not only in its function and design, but also in its number of axles, which may be anywhere from two to six (depending on the model) or even more (often based on customer demand). Due of this, these vehicles have either one, two, or three suspension axles, but no drive axles. All-wheel drive is a feature of vehicles with two or more axles that allows them to be driven on surfaces other than pavement or off-road.

Trucks from the International 5000 Paystar series may be broken down into two distinct categories, with the dividing line between them being a mere millimeter: the first group has a cab length of 2850 mm, while the second group has a cab length of 2896 mm.

Diesel engines from Cummins, Detroit Diesel, and Caterpillar, with outputs of 280 to 525 horsepower, are employed on 5,000 Paystar vehicles in addition to the 275-320 horsepower offered by International diesels.

Also, a number of mechanical gearboxes are used on cars, their choice is simply huge from 9 to 18 steps, gearboxes are installed by Eaton Fuller.

International 5600i

International 5600i

The cabin and, if any, the sleeping compartment of the car are made of aluminum sandwich panels, in which the joints are coated with sealants and glue, and then fastened with rivets, but the integral plumage of the car consists of fiberglass. But in some cases, on cars of this model, the cabins are made of the simplest carbon steel.

The total mass of these vehicles with two or three axles is 16.2 – 22.7 and 16.2 – 37.7 tons. accordingly, the tonnage of road trains of this model range is from 27.2 to 63.6 tons. The wheelbase for trucks with two axles is – from 3708 – to 4623 millimeters, for those cars with three axles – from 4166 – to 6300 millimeters. The fuel tanks that are on the car are made of aluminum and can hold from 227 to 454 liters of fuel.

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