Mercedes-Benz Accelo Service Maintenance Manuals PDF

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Mercedes-Benz Accelo owner’s, operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Mercedes Benz Accelo Operator’s Manual

The Mercedes-Benz Accelo model is a medium-duty truck designed for short and medium-distance transportation. Produced in 2003 and built based on the Mercedes-Benz Atego chassis. It is in demand in Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

It is completed with motors for 150 and 156 hp, used on Sprinter and Vario cars.

The scope of Mercedes-Benz Accelo directly depends on the type of superstructure used. For example, a van is used to transport goods for various purposes within the city and between settlements. There are also other versions:

  • Refrigerator – used to transport products that require the maintenance of a certain temperature regime.
  • Tractors – suitable for transporting semi-trailers over long distances.
  • Dump trucks are universal equipment with the possibility of self-unloading. Mercedes-Benz dump trucks are actively used in the construction industry to transport bulk and other materials.
  • Onboard vehicles – used for the transport of goods with or without an awning.
  • Platforms – actively exploited when transporting any kind of transport, for example, small boats, cars, two-wheelers, etc.
  • Special vehicles – fire trucks, snow blowers, etc.

Specifications Mercedes-Benz Accelo

When buying a Mercedes-Benz Accelo car, you must study its features and specifications. The main parameters should include:

  • Wheelbase, m: 3.1, 3.7 and 4.4
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH), m: 6.1/7.1/7.93×2.176×2.48
  • Track gauge, m: 1.79/1.704
  • Gross weight, t: 11
  • Fuel tank volume, l: 75
  • Engine: OM 904 LA and OM 924 LA
  • Transmission: EATON FSO 4505A, five speed
  • Wheels: 6.00×17.5
  • Tires: 215/75/R17.5
  • Maximum speed, km/h: 112
Mercedes Benz Accelo Manual PDF

Mercedes Benz Accelo

 Mercedes-Benz Accelo engine

Depending on the type, a Mercedes-Benz Accelo tractor or another type of equipment in this series can be equipped with the following types of engines:

  • OM904 LA – diesel engine with a capacity of 150 horsepower. It is focused on trucks with a carrying capacity of 6.5-15 tons. The engines of this modification are economical and have optimal power. The volume of the power unit is 4.249 liters, and the number of cylinders/valves is 4 and 12, respectively. The cylinder has a diameter of 10.2 cm, and the piston stroke is 13 cm. During operation, the power unit produces a compression ratio of 17.4 to 1. The total weight is 395 kg. In 2004-2006, the engine was modernized, and emissions were reduced to Euro 4 and 5 levels.
  • OM 924 LA – another 4-cylinder diesel engine with 156 horsepower. Issued since April 2004. Used on trucks with a load capacity in the range of 6.5-15t. This engine is lighter, which gives advantages in terms of payload. The features include a volume of 4.8 liters, a compression ratio of 17.4 to 1, and a cylinder diameter/piston stroke of 10.6 and 13.6 cm. A turbine and a charge air cooler are provided. Corresponds to the ecological level Euro-3.

Both Mercedes-Benz Accelo engines are economical and have a resource, according to the manufacturer, of at least 600,000 kilometers. Differ in reliability and maintainability.

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