Mercedes Trucks TCO (FTCO) Fault Codes

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List of diagnostic trouble codes of the Tachograph Control Unit (TCO and FTCO)  for Mercedes-Benz Actros, Axor, Atego

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Mercedes Trucks TCO Fault Codes

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This list of fault codes of TCO for such Mercedes-Benz Trucks as Actros, Axor, Atego

0004 Break of the power supply cable
1000 CAN Error
10000 Tachogram disc positioning disturbed
1100 CAN Error
1200 Internal error
1400 Tachograph calibration failed
1500 Malfunction control details
1600 Malfunction control details
1704 CAN connection with INS dashboard not working properly
3408 Speed ​​Sensor Malfunction

3504 Speed ​​Sensor Malfunction
4804 Speed ​​Output Malfunction
8000 Movement without disc tachogram
8100 There is no tachogram disk for the first driver
8200 The second driver’s tachogram disk is missing
8300 Sync could not start
9000 Tachogram disc positioning disturbed
9600 Tray function broken
9700 Speed ​​Detection Malfunction
9800 Malfunction in the recorder system
9900 Malfunction in the recorder system

List of fault codes of the control unit of flat tachograph (FTCO)

001 Speed Sensor Malfunction
002 Motion Pulse Output Fault
003 Speed output failure
100 Speed Sensor Malfunction
101 The malfunction of the tray driver disk tachogram first driver
102 Malfunction of a tray for a disk of a tachogram of the second driver
103 Control shaft not positioned
104 Fault in electronics

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