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On this page, you can find DAF XF105 PDF Service Repair Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Parts Catalog for Free Download

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DAF XF 105 PDF Manual

DAF XF 105

DAF XF 105 manuals

File File Size Download Links
DAF XF Euro 4, 5 Electrical Wiring Diagrams [PDF] 14.8Mb Download
DAF XF105 Bodybuilders Guidelines [PDF] 9.7Mb Download
DAF XF105 Diagnostics codes [PDF] 809kb Download
DAF XF105 Quick Manual [PDF] 1.7Mb Download
DMCI XF105 [PDF] 1.7Mb Download
DTCO Tachograph XF105 [PDF] 159.9kb Download
Dynamo XF105 [PDF] 125.3kb Download
EAS XF105 [PDF] 607.6kb Download
Fuelsysteem XF105 [PDF] 181.4kb Download
Koelsysteem MX-motor XF105 [PDF] 329.1kb Download
Oilsysteem MX-motor XF105 [PDF] 757.6kb Download
Systeem- en componentinformatie – XF105 [PDF] 125.3kb Download
Systeem- en componentinformatie DTCO – XF105 [PDF] 159.9kb Download
System and component information DMCI – XF105 [PDF] 1.7Mb Download

DAF 105 – modern and powerful tractor truck

The need for a new flagship truck that complies with Euro-4/Euro-5 standards led to the introduction of the XF105 series in 2005, which has an updated engine. Thus, the most costly and up-to-date series does not displace the XF95 trucks, which will continue to be built for nations with Euro-3 criteria.

The entire masses of 18 (wheel formula 4×2), 24.9 (6×2), 25.087 (6×2), 25.7 (6×2), 26 (6×2), and 32 tons are used to build the XF105 series chassis (8×4). Wheelbase sizes vary from 4.2 to 6.9 meters. The wheel formula for Sadel tractors is 4×2 (18 tons full weight, 40 tons in the car train), 6×2 (between 23 and 26 tons, 44 tons in the car train), 6×4 (26 tons, as part of the train, 60 tons), and 8×4 (36 tons, as part of the train – 58 tons). The wheelbase is 3.6 meters in double-sided ropes, 3.1 to 4.55 meters in three-haired ropes, and 4.8 meters in four-axle ropes. Tags with low supporting device locations (96 cm) may be carried in parts no longer than 3 meters and with loads up to 100 m3.

The exterior of the automobile XF105 is distinguished by a new steel bumper design with four circular fog lights, a big radiator grille, an inlaid aluminum ornamental strip, new side and rearview mirrors, and a xenon-shaped block manufactured in the color of the inside. The roof of a Super Space Cab.

The new Paccar MX engines, which are used the inside of the XF105 cabin instead of the XF95, have a lower height than DAF XE engines, which is coupled with a much-decreased elevation of the floor tunnel. In addition, the appliance panel is embellished, either with wood or metal. The appliance’s panel also has a second AdBlue additive that may be found in the “urinary” tank.

XF105 machines are powered by Paccar MX motors with 410, 460, and 510 horsepower. Adblue tanks may hold 50 or 75 liters of liquid (a tank with this volume can be enough for 4.5 thousand km of run).

The DAF Telematics System, created to communicate data and manage the rolling stock park, debuted in 2006.

The system comprises an onboard computer, an Internet gateway, and a successfully integrated DIN standard on the XF105 car (CF). The GPRS technology establishes a link between the truck and base and sends data about the potential to alter the route and the whole journey.

The telematics system’s capacity to link exchange to navigation makes it unique. This function enables you to transfer the most efficient traffic route from the transportation provider to the design placed on board the truck during the flight, which may then instantly show it on the driver’s screen. In addition to reporting and navigation, other features include the ability to track down a stolen vehicle and regulate the cargo’s temperature.

Technical and dimensional characteristics of Daf XF105

Width 249 cm
Length 862 cm
Height 3700 cm
Average fuel consumption in case of mixed cycle 32 L
Size of wheel drives of the tractor 22.5 x9
Power DAF XF 105 410, 460 or 510 horsepower
Maximum speed DAF XF 105 85 km in time


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