Detroit Diesel Series 92 Service Repair Manuals PDF

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Detroit Diesel Series 92 operators, service and maintenance manuals, error codes list, DTC, spare parts manuals & catalogues, wiring diagrams, schematics free download PDF

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Detroit Diesel Series 92

The Detroit Diesel Series 92 is two-stroke engine, which was represented in 1973 as the further development of the 71 series. It was produced in 6, 8, 12, and 16-cylinder versions, all with V-shaped layouts.

The Detroit Diesel 92 Series engines are two-stroke diesel engines. The main advantage of two-stroke diesel engines is the high engine speed when maintaining sufficiently high torque. This advantage allows you to obtain a sufficiently large power with relatively small engine dimensions. In addition, two-stroke engines have quite large efficiency indicators. But one of the disadvantages of these engines is the high content of combustion products in exhaust gases, and it is this factor that is the key to reducing the pace of production and the use of these engines.

Since the first years of its existence, the Detroit Diesel 92 Series diesel engine (Detroit Diesel 6V92, Detroit Diesel 8V92, Detroit Diesel 12V92, Detroit Diesel 16V92) has become very popular and widespread. In the past, in most cases, it was installed on trucks and buses. Now it is widely used on military vehicles and industrial equipment.

Detroit Diesel Series 92

Detroit Diesel Series 92

Applicability: military equipment, sea vessels and boats, construction and industrial equipment, equipment for gas and oil production, trucks and buses, and diesel-generating installations.

Interesting Facts: 8V92 continues to be delivered to the US Army for Oshkosh trucks
The jargon title of these engines is Fuel Squeezers (fuel squeezers). Since they provided a higher fuel efficiency than the 71st series, the 6V-92TT modification was 10-20% more economical than the old model, comparable in volume and power

  • The number and location of the cylinders: 6-16 cylinders, V-shaped
  • Working volume: 9000-24100 cm3
  • Maximum power depending on the modification: 253-950 hp.
  • Engine control system: DDECI, DDECII, DDECIII, and DDECIV

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