Fault Codes – Repair of Electrical Equipment of Mercedes Trucks

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Mercdes Actros/Atego/Axor Error Codes

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Mercdes Actros/Atego/Axor Fault Codes

Mercdes Actros/Atego/Axor

Often, malfunctions of trucks occur on the road and it is necessary to understand what this or that malfunction means, because the dashboard often displays only a list of digital fault codes without a description of them.

On Mercedes trucks (such as Actros), the error codes in digital form consist of five digits and look like this: GS 2 3022, where the GS denotes the system in which the malfunction occurred, this is the transmission control system. The following indicates the significance of the malfunction: 0 is not a very serious malfunction, 1 is serious and, if possible, you should try to fix it yourself or contact a service station, 2 means that car operation is prohibited until the malfunction is fixed.

In our example, this is a short circuit in a valve or control wiring circuits on a gearbox. For this reason, the gearbox control unit can burn out, but it costs quite a lot. With this error, the gearbox will not switch, but some craftsmen find a way out here. For example, remove the battery terminals and the box came to life, but this is a temporary measure because there is still a threat that the control unit will burn. The thing is that some faults are periodic, that is, they occur under certain circumstances (wet weather, under load, when driving on a rough road). One way out is timely access to the station, and it is better to write down the error codes immediately on a piece of paper in order to then pay attention to this.

Interpretation of the designation of some control units

  • WS / FSS Maintenance System
  • MR / PLD Injection Control System
  • BS / EPB Brake Control System
  • ABS antilock braking system
  • FR / FMR Traffic Management System
  • NR / ENR Frame Level Management System
  • INS On-board computer information system, instrument cluster
  • GS / EPS Transmission Control System
  • FLA Preheating System
  • AGN – Automatic control of commercial and \ m
  • BS – Brake System
  • EDW – Anti-theft Alarm System
  • FFB – Remote Radio Control
  • KSA – System of comfortable opening / closing
  • KOM – Communication Interface
  • MR / PLD – Engine Management System
  • PSM – Configurable special module
  • SIR – Electronic equipment right seat
  • SIL – Electronic equipment of the left sitting
  • SRS – Passive Safety System
  • TCO – tachograph
  • WS – Maintenance System
  • ZHE – Additional heating
  • ZV – Central locking

Computer diagnostics Mercedes significantly reduces the time for troubleshooting electrical equipment of a truck, engine, automatic transmission, brake system. The list and error codes of malfunctions, the operating parameters of the various components of the vehicle are displayed on the monitor of the diagnostic computer, all information is compared with the data base for the vehicle’s configuration, and the optimal troubleshooting plan is built on its basis.

Using computer diagnostics, you can:

  1. Read and delete the errors that appear on the dashboard.
  2. Read and delete errors from the memory of a car malfunction, which are not displayed on the instrument panel.
  3. Check the operation of sensors, relays, solenoid valves in real time.
  4. Check data transfer via CAN bus, communication between control units.
    Measure the engine compression, conduct a test of the uniformity of operation of the injectors and pumps.
  5. Carry out programming of control units (in case of replacement) or adaptation (change in speed limit, power, vehicle torque).
  6. Calibrate suspension and pressure sensors, check turbine, turn off urea.
  7. Etc.

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